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Recruiting Tribes and players for dedicated server


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Looking for Tribes and players to join a dedicated server.


Hi we're looking for some Tribes and players to join a dedicated server. If you're interested and meet the requirements and follow the rules then feel free to join.


  • 18+ years of age. We are only looking for mature players at this moment.
  • You have the ability to play a few hours a day.
  • Enjoy light hearted banter and fun
  •  No downloaded characters. All players start server at base level.
  • No racism, bullying, abuse or griefing failure to comply will result in a warning/ban.

Basic base/tribe etiquette 

  1. Keep doors closed at all times.
  2. Don't take other peoples Dino's out without their permission.
  3. If you use the resources that have been stored try to replace them as appropriate
  4. Always return 'borrowed' Dino's to where you found them before logging off.
  5. Be active in the tribe
  6. No attacking other Tribes/players unless provoked or defending our property or at war with them.

If interested send me a message 

GT Merl1n79 


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Hello new to Xbox community can play a couple of hours per day. Adult not at all knowledgeable in pvp but as someone stated above willing to help those that are with supplies. 


I di do not take from others will ask if I need anything which has only been with Dino's that I can't take out alone. Can play alone or with a tribe. Only ask for a place to set up to build myself. 


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1 hour ago, UpliftCube said:

Same things no happened to me bro on another dedicated server and the worst was it was on Christmas Day 

what the hell autocorrect 

i meant same thing happened to me

The sad thing is they waited until I left at night was working hard on getting the last two roof and side panel done on a three story home. 


When I opened my door I knew something was off since I had over 90 spark powder going with quite a bit of meat. Checked that first empty even if the meat has spoiled it would have left leavings. 

I am used to chests auto being locked so did not put a pin on that. But not like I could have done anything with the mortar and fire pit. 

The house is finished now though unless they had a flying mount I am unsure how they came through the third floor opening I had. 

Also noticed that someone had messed with my neighbors trike which was no longer by his or her front door but well away from their house now.

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