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Community Crunch 414: Club ARK, Conquest Servers and More!

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As we gear up for our Mighty Arrival this Monday, we're excited to share some additional thrilling news with you. Let us introduce...




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We’ve long envisioned a place in ARK where players can converge, chat, relax, and have fun, irrespective of their tribe or whether they play PvP or PvE. A true social hub for all Survivors.

Now, that vision is becoming a reality. Saddle up and mosey on over to Club ARK, our brand-new social hotspot, riding into action next week! Dive into a stampede of ever-growing mini-games and missions, earning prizes, including items and dinos that you can take back “home” with you.

Additionally, starting with the June 17 update ‘Custom Cosmetic’ mods – including costumes, items, and even functional structures – will automatically be dynamically-downloaded in the background while you play, so you’ll soon see the worlds of ARK get a lot larger. This is toggleable option, of course!

Stay tuned and keep your ear to the ground for more on June 17th!


Give yourself a glow-up with Custom Cosmetic Mods in Club ARK! Shout out to two mods created by Cliffan featured here, Tactical Bunny Outfit & Sci-fi Wardrobe.





Conquest servers are being introduced to ARK: Survival Ascended by Snail Games. Conquest is a new PvP player experience for PC players which focuses on large-scale PvP while avoiding the problem of mega tribes. Increased rates will allow tribes to set up and establish themselves quickly and enable them to rebuild after potential losses instead of being wiped completely. The official Conquest servers start today on PC, Xbox and, Playstation!

If you need any support during the Conquest season, join the Conquest Enforcement's Discord.


  • 5x XP, Harvesting, Taming, and Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation)
  • 0.5x Mating Interval
  • Tribes are set to 50 players max
  • Tribe alliances are allowed
  • Servers have a maximum player count of 75
  • No cave building or rat holes
  • Server transfers will be off for the first week
    • They will be activated on June 20th
  • Enabled Tek:
    • Sloped Tek Roof
    • Sloped Tek Wall Left
    • Sloped Tek Wall Right
    • Tek Catwalk
    • Tek Ceiling
    • Tek Fence Foundation
    • Tek Foundation
    • Tek Ladder
    • Tek Pillar
    • Tek Railing
    • Tek Ramp
    • Tek Replicator
    • Tek Staircase
    • Tek Triangle Ceiling
    • Tek Triangle Foundation
    • Tek Triangle Roof
    • Tek Turret
    • Tek Wall
    • Tek Dinosaur Gate
    • Tek Dinosaur Gateway
    • Tek Door
    • Tek Doorframe
    • Tek Generator
    • Tek Hatch Frame
    • Tek Trapdoor
    • Tek Trough
    • Tek Window
    • Tek Window Frame
    • Behemoth Tek Gate
    • Behemoth Tek Gateway
    • Cloning Chamber
    • Tek Dedicated Storage
    • Tek Double Door
    • Tek Double Doorframe
    • Tek Fence Support
    • Tek Forcefield
    • Tek Stairs
    • Tek Teleporter
    • Tek Transmitter
    • Vacuum Compartment
    • Vacuum Compartment Moonpool
  • Disabled Tek:
    • Tek Boots
    • Tek Gauntlets
    • Tek Helmet
    • Tek Leggings
    • Tek Chest piece
    • Tek Rifle
    • Tek grenade
    • Tapejara Tek saddle
    • Megalodon Tek saddle
    • Mosasaur Tek saddle
    • Rex Tek saddle
  • Note: Tek Forcefield will be disabled when transfers open.






Download & play new custom content created by players, including new maps, creatures, items, and game modes, through a dedicated new Mod-bowser directly within the game. Enjoy an endless stream of new ARK content as the creativity and talent of the community is fully unleashed for the first time across gaming platforms and stay tuned as we spotlight more Cross-Platform Mods each week!

This video features:



New Custom Cosmetics for Official Servers.png







This weekend, the Official Network will be receiving Pride Montbonus rates! It will be active until Monday, June 17.

  • PVP/PVE: 3x Harvesting, Taming, and Experience, and Breeding
  • Small Tribes: 5.5x Harvesting, Taming, and Experience + 5x Breeding
  • ARKpocalypse: 6x Harvesting, Taming and Experience, and Breeding


  • DarkViolet
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Light Yellow
  • Mint
  • Glacial
  • LightPink
  • DeepPink
  • MediumLavender

Unofficial servers can use this by adding the arg "-PrideColors" to the server commandline.




Fan Art Gallery | Screenshot Gallery | Artist Feedback Form



Creator: Gingarella

In this video, Gingarella shares how her tribe defeated the Gamma boss fight on the Center on Official. She includes stats, strategies, and equipment.


Creator: Sanyxs

Sanyxs, a seasoned ARK veteran but a modded newbie, dives headfirst into Omega Ascended on KingDaddyDmac's server—what could possibly go wrong?



Chibi-Stegosaurus by @cairoFifi



After the King Titan was slain by penguinlover583



Deep Sea Encounter by ole



Pyro by @falco_luna



Tusoteuthis by @MexiiCringe



Non-binary flag Tapejara by @Isopod22



We aren't meant to live forever... But I will find you again, old friend. by @artofnezuyu




Photo Mode by theograna



A monster in the underworld by jurassiccomedy



Designed a little pirate ship to get started on Ark by @BeefaroniJones



Some nat geo shots by yococoloco16



Photo Mode by ash4resh



Enjoy your weekend!
Studio Wildcard

Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
Discord: discord.com/invite/playark
Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark
Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark
Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110
Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark
Threads: threads.net/@survivetheark
Official Wiki: ark.wiki.gg

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I don't even really understand what that Club is. Is it a neutral community structure you can place on a server ?

Do we really need to keep inventing new things all the time, thus splitting the dev team even further between tasks ?


This will never not make me emotional.


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1 minute ago, ladyteruki said:

I don't even really understand what that Club is. Is it a neutral community structure you can place on a server ?


I'm thinking it might be a custom map (maybe a modified Scorched Earth, judging from the artwork) that can be reached from the entire Official network. One with a prebuilt social hub/town.


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1 minute ago, TargetOne said:

I'm thinking it might be a custom map (maybe a modified Scorched Earth, judging from the artwork) that can be reached from the entire Official network. One with a prebuilt social hub/town.

God, can you imagine ? They would have postponed The Center's release just to announce a new (even if smaller) map right afterwards ? I would laugh SO HARD.

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Honestly, if I had known Ark was gonna go down the MMO road, I probably wouldn't have bought ASA.

Thanks again for ASE. ASE was great. Lemme know if you get back into making survival titles! 

Edited by SteveTheOtherSurvivor
Apparently, "poop" is on the no-no list despite there being an entire episode of South Park devoted to when and how it isn't a curse word. Just going with it.
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26 minutes ago, TheTrueSpider said:

I wonder if Island Boys ever got justice for that poopshow, not that I’d even be playing anymore if it happened to me

Nothing ever got done. There was no admission, no correction, no bans reversed … Snail/WC just played the ostrich card - burying their head in the sand and pretending it never happened. 

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Why would anyone want some goofy club that they’ll likely have to pay for when they can, you know, build their own on a server? Hell, back when I was running a PvE cluster we did exactly that. 
oh wait, guess they can’t do that on officials what with you guys never fixing the pillaring issue.

Edited by CosmicSkeleton
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I don't like negativity when it can be avoided but to be real, this is one of the most stupid and pointless collapses of a franchise ever. The priorities are so out of whack it's genuinely absurd, you're focusing on this when we don't have any idea when Abberation will release? Focusing on another pointless thing no one asked for when your loyal community is dying? Focusing on adding more suspected micro-transactions when your game is BROKEN??? This Is moronic and you seriously need to change your direction before you fully shoot yourselves in the foot without a chance at saving face.

Listen to your community, that's how you get the money you so desperately crave.

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