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ARK Fantastic Tames and The Center Ascended are Live!

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ARK Fantastic Tames is a new paid DLC to introduce new fantasy creatures into the world of ARK: Survival Ascended, which will be found in biome-appropriate locations of all Official Maps except for The Island and is transferrable. We're excited to launch this series with the Pyromane. This fiery friend will light the way on your journey. Whether it takes the form of a majestic predator or a loyal shoulder mount, the Pyromane will make a scorching addition to your army of powerful tames!

We recognize that a solo paid creature is new territory for ARK, and the Fantastic Tames series helps support the development and operation of ARK: Survival Ascended. Thank you for being open to us trying new things, and most importantly, for your community participation! Your passion keeps us going, and we're excited to continue this journey with you over the years to come.



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the center Ascended is live!.png



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Explore Diverse Landscapes.png

Welcome to The Center Ascended, an expansive, hand-crafted map that nearly doubles the size of The Island’s landscape. With its rich, Tolkien-esque design, this map invites you to journey through stunning biomes and discover hidden secrets.


Step Into a World of Wonders.png

The Center Ascended features a vast array of climates and geological wonders. Head west to find the colossal floating island surrounded by perilous swamps. To the north lies a volatile volcanic island teeming with lava flows and formidable predators.

Scattered throughout the map are islands blanketed in jungles, tropical beaches, towering mountains, and ancient ruins, each offering unique challenges and rewards. Delve deep into the subterranean world inspired by Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, or explore the underwater domes perfect for constructing your underwater haven.


Meet the Shastasaurus.png

Among the many wonders of The Center Ascended is the Shastasaurus, a curious giant of the sea. This creature, despite its intimidating size, often approaches humans out of intrigue. It uses ultrasonic chirps for echolocation, which can be weaponized to disorient prey or create concussive waves to scatter schools of fish. Taming a Shastasaurus is a rewarding endeavor as it becomes a formidable ally in deep waters. Some tribes have even outfitted their Shastasaurus with advanced gear like periscopes, torpedo bays, and cargo holds, transforming them into incredible underwater vessels.

The Center Ascended isn’t just a map; it’s an entire world waiting for you to explore. Embark on this grand adventure and discover a new dimension to your ARK: Survival Ascended experience!

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And yet no-one is talking about the Pyromane?

Everyone was all worried about P2W with the Scorched Earth Bob's Tall Tales Paid DLC. In the end, the trains and the Oasisaur ended up just being kinda meh. A little something extra. But not really enough of any kind of advantage that would really create a P2W scenario. Almost more just cosmetic than anything. 

But this Pyromane is clearly pure broken over-powered-ness. Unless it gets nerfed heavily it will very much create a large advantage to anyone who has paid for this paid DLC. (Except towards those who hide under the ocean as they will have absolutely nothing to fear from this creature that can't get wet.) But otherwise, having this thing is like having a pocket shadowmane that you can throw out of your "pokeball" at will without cryopod restrictions that can also set entire fields and forests on fire!

And keep in mind that this is just the first of likely many paid DLCs that will add "fantasy" creatures which will likely have similar over-powered capabilities. 

This is like locking the wyverns behind an extra paid DLC pay wall. Or griffins, or managarmr, or snow owl, or Gacha, the list goes on.

Imagine if any of these creatures were kept behind extra pay walls beyond the DLC story expansions?

Imagine having 10 or 20 similar creatures behind extra pay walls?

For the original story expansions I think it was like $15 a piece? I don't know, I got the first 3 in a bundle for $15 total so $5 a piece which gave a new map plus tons of new creatures.

Now imagine having 10 or 20 similar creatures behind extra $5 pay walls a piece like this one is?

Imagine purchasing Scorched Earth for $10 and then having to pay another $5 for the fire wyverns, another $5 for the lightning wyverns, another $5 for the poison wyverns, another $5 for the golems, another $5 for the phoenix?

This Pyromane paid DLC actually does look like wc is moving into the P2W business model. At this point, perhaps they should just give Brettskii what he wants after-all; if they're going to be like this and go in this direction...

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