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The Center and ARK Fantastic Tames Deployment Details

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The launch of The Center and ARK Fantastic Tames: Pyromane are live, and we've put together a guidebook to help you prep.  We'll update this post with relevant information as we progress through the deployment!

      Transfer Restrictions

      • Character Upload/Download is enabled
      • Item/Dino Upload is enabled
      • Item/Dino Download is disabled 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do I need to pay for The Center?

      • Answer: No, The Center is included in ARK: Survival Ascended. If you own ARK: Survival Ascended, you automatically have access to the map.

      Do I need to do anything special to enable Fantastic Tames: Pyromane on my server?

      • Answer: No, Fantastic Tames: Pyromane has been baked into the core game so no changes are necessary.

      For Game Hosts

      • Map Name: TheCenter_WP


      As usual, we will be keeping you up-to-date with any changes to the proposed rollout times!

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