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! Be Aware of Faulty Mods: Examples !

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Damn - Mods removed ingrams and learned skills of some items, and also have other negative effects!!!

Does anyone made the same experiences, that some mods remove existing craftable items and ingrams from your list? These are the mods I am using (note the ! sign of the dangerous mods while the "good" mods are in green color), one or some of them cause the disappearance of the ingrams and symbols of craftable items of my Camp Fire, Cooking Stove, Refining Forge, Metal Foundation:

Ace's Tiny Items
Ascended Crop Plot
Au Naturale
Auto Torch
Auto Trough
Better Lights
Boat Pipes

! Bright Torches
! Cooking Extras
Corrected Structures || Engrams to replace Vanilla || No collision checks! v0.9
Ferrat's Crystal Factory_v_2.1
Glow Bugs: V2
Ikki's Unlimited Crop Capacity
Individual Kibble Icons
Industrial Grinder
Jetpack Mod
K9 Quick Crops
Large Fermentation Barrels_v1.1
Mega Jetpack Mod V1.4.1
Metal Storage
Mini Fab
Mini Wall Fridge
Outdoor Lighting Version 5
Oyster Bed Mod 2.0
Polymer Converter
Polymer Converter
Paint Mixer - Dyeing Made Easy v2.0
Planting v1.2f
Raft Extender
Resource Crops
Resource Spawn Block Reducer (Obsolete)
Reusable Plus
Reusable Tranquilizer Bola 1.02
Scuba Mask 007
Shield Generator
Simple Fences/Guard Rails v1.7

! Simple Food Recipes & Fishing Trap
Small Gates
Soft Tranq Dart
Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls v.4.2
Taming Sedative

! Triangles
Vault Collection v3.5
Versatile Raft Mod
Vitaberry (5000)
Water Well
Xtreme Alchemy 1.0h (Now with Growable Mushrooms!)
[WIP] Carts & Wagons

An ! sign means, this mod causes losses of craftable items, or is one of the suspected mods causing such.


! Bright Torches
Why: Increases "off-interval duration" of burning torches = more darkness intervals

! Cooking Extras
! Simple Food Recipes & Fishing Trap

One of those two removed my Cooking Pot and also Camp Fire ingram and crafting skills

! Triangles
Removed my ability to craft regular Metal Foundations, even after mod removal


I am sad as those mods are faulty and cause losses, and I hope, their developers will fix these problems. I informed them about the problems, too. I play offline, no other players involved. I was starting to build a metal raft, but even after removal of that mod I cannot build metal foundations anymore though I see that ingram as "learned" - the crafting icon has disappeared for good, and so I can forget to ever build a metal raft again...




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That is more a philosophical question, but not any solution. Let me still answer: I play alone (offline), and like all these mods what they could do.

But some are still having bugs, and so it is my duty to inform their developers and potential users about it. The question about WHY this or that mod would fit better to an own thread, if that is so important. But inside this thread, it does not help to find solutions, or how to restore, unfortunately.   :-)


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