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Juveniles won’t eat from troughs

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3 minutes ago, nightsgirl said:

Is anyone else having an issue with getting juveniles to eat from troughs?

Young or Baby? Any hatchlings will NOT eat from the feeders as long as they are below 10% maturation and you need to put the food in their inventory (or use Gigantoraptor or Maewing), when they reach 10% they will start eating from there.

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18 hours ago, nightsgirl said:

They are over 10 percent. They’re juveniles but they won’t eat from our troughs.



hmm... is it possible that you have set the Feeders to Exclude or Include specific Dinos?

In any case, try placing a new trough, every now and then some objects are fixed by removing and repositioning them.

PS: Are you using modified tariffs ot Mods? Yesterday on a Server with QoL+ Feeder I saw my puppies drop to 0 food but after a couple of minutes the count was updated, on this the Server there seems to be an increase in food loss/recovery and I think this disturbs the display in Stats.

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