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[ARK:SA] The Island - Overspawn

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Hello Server-Owners and Wildcard.

I tried now a lot, to become the overspawn under control but i have no more ideas, also since the Mod-Support is after the update again broken.

Hunter Cave-1 Hunter Cave-2 Hunter Cave-3

Ice Cave-1 Ice Cave-2


Check this out! This is The Island on Big Ice Cave and Hunter Cave. It since the release a bug and becomes (felt) with every big patch more worse. We re-start the server every day, with "-ForceRespawnDinos" and also 3 manual wipes are needed. Since two days we installed a mod which cleans the caves for us to different times. But this cannot be a solution.

And the screenshots was already taking after destroying wild dinos in range. So sometimes we have around 8k per cave and 75k total on map.


Has anyone other ideas?

My last idea, and i really dont like this, is to allow building in caves and putting structures into to prevent spawning dinos...

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