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Community Crunch 410: An Update on The Center, ARK: Additions Integration, and More!

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Wow! That's 3 CCs from WC in a row now that actually had some pretty good information; actually didn't have any depressing or terrible information; actually looked like it was written by a real human person; and I see that in this CC specifically they even finally fixed the typo in their Copy/Paste section that I made a joke about roughly 8 months ago, which means that they actually took the time to look this CC over before posting it!

3 CCs ago when I saw that picture of the jumping spider as the post header I thought to myself; "Sigh, here we go again. Another CC just talking about more mods that other people have created and not saying anything about the actual game."

But then I opened up the post and to my great surprise this assumption and typical routine turned out to not be the case!

Is the year of **** finally over?

Please say that it is!

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3 hours ago, Nickevon said:

So uuhhh are the ceratosaurus and xiphactinus going to be released on the center or the island ? Or are they going to be on every map 

Ceratosaurus and Xiphactinus are already released, with Cerato on both the island and SE and Xipha on the island.

I think that both Cerato and Xipha will be on the Center when it drops, just theorizing.

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Posted (edited)
On 5/18/2024 at 4:23 AM, NettleCarrier said:

Wonderful update... crashing servers with mods yet again. Are we going to lose another weekend now?

@StudioWildcard @Jatheish @Cedric

Apparently ALL the new Patches of the main version drastically break the interfacing with the Mods, Nitrado goes into crisis with the private Servers that crash, the Server owners go into panic because from one day to the next SUDDENLY it no longer works the Server, the players of those Servers remain out of the game and disappointed (better to say: decidedly nervous) until they slowly change the game... and all this in INDEFINITE TIMES as it happened every time after the main Patches and we had to wait several days before WildCard (and consequently also the Modders) manages to resolve things.

It has certainly been suggested many times: IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO USE A "TEST SERVER" before launching updates that always do more harm than good?!?


PS: XBox customers currently cannot join certain Mods or Maps which work on PS5, but PS5 also crashes on some Mods where the PC received Friday's Quick Patch..

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On 5/22/2024 at 12:00 PM, JuniperPage said:

So May 20th Xbox players would get the premium mods, so now it's the 22th and still no premium mods for console.

Any update on that?? or was this again a promise of nothing and it wont release for another year or so

There was a problem due to the update of the main version of the game (on Friday) which caused several disasters, so WildCard did not launch the Premium Mods on Console to be able to fix the situation, otherwise it risked making the situation even worse ( beyond any complaints from those who started buying the Mods and they probably wouldn't have worked).

This time the delay was a wise choice.

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On 5/17/2024 at 10:52 PM, Brettskii said:

Once again you guys show up friday with another great crunch!
this week has been great! Ceratosaurusr and Xiphactinus added to The Island HECK YEAH! some juicy new dinos!

lets get that battle pass going! maybe a store with some great bundles! Cmon senpai, notice me!  We want it badly, give it to us ❤️ 

Why the heck would you want a battle pass for Ark. We have enough money-grubbing from Snail without that.

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