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Official Offline Raid Protection Feedback


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Hello Devs,

as you asked for feedback for these 4 new official offline server here we go:

I think we need some changes which are necessary for me to enjoy this concept at all.

A) Caves Blocking with 2nd Account: There is a huge problem. People are creating 2nd Accounts and blocking the caves. Which means no one has access to explore these dungeons (caves). I wrote a support ticket but the Wildcard GM just said: Its a PVP Server just explode it with C4 and then you can go ahead. But I guess he didnt read that these structures are offline raid protected. We have a single guy who did that on purpose and logs every day on the server for 1 min and leave it again to reset the "Demolish Timer".

Solution: Please don't give structures which are placed in caves this "offline raid protection". Caves should be not perma blocked and without a way to get it.

B) Loot Bags: If you raid a base and the guys went offline to get fast the 15 Minute timer down for the offline protection shield. you cant loot the bags anymore.

Chest, Vault, Storage Box, Loot Bags, Book Shelder should be accessible all the time (if not pin coded)

I liked the change that people can't steal fertilizer anymore from Crop Plots X-Turrets but you can't patch it like this and makes everything not accessible.

Need a Rework for that for sure.

C) After being to long inactiv We should be able to demolish the structures and also be able to kill the "dinos" or claim them. This system is also not 100% working and kinda bugging here and there.

My question: Dear Wildcard you asked for Feedback I read from serveral ppl now these issues and reports. Did you take note of that and planing to do reworks ?


I posted this on reddit also but I don't know where you guys (Devs/Admins etc) want the feedback.


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I knew this would be a problem on Officials as soon as I read it.

There should have been more thought and consideration in to the planning of this "Offline Raid Protection" before Wild Card implemented it.

As you said, there needs to be a timer when all of your Tribe logs off for the Raid Protection to activate, as you said, say 15 minutes so that everyone in a losing Tribe war can't just log off and boom protect their base instantly.

There should also be an excessive offline timer - as you stated, people can make second accounts and permanently protect structures. What needs to be implemented, is a timer where if a person in a tribe doesn't log on for - say - a day or so, the protection is off.

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