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So I don't understand the changes in Ark ascended. It makes the game harder to start then ever before. Movement speed being a set speed that's the same as everything trying to eat you, makes stamina a useless attribute. I'm just able to run longer then still get eaten. Aggro distance on some creatures is insane such as the terror bird. But it's OK because I'm going to jog slowly away until I run out of stamina and it catches me. I don't see a way to set beds to a certain level of tribemate like in the old game. This makes it easier to be insided. Which is horrible that yall allow anyways but to be actively taking away measures for people to protect the tribe is wrong. The game isn't very responsive for controllers on steam. No matter what remote. I'm tapping transfer all 6 times before it works. Also transfer all should take everything first then give all to storage the second tap. Why am I transferring everything into a drop then back into my inventory? Make it tap take all, hold RB to give all. That would be so much simpler. So all in all please increase standard Movement speed or introduce a Movement speed attribute again but cap it if there's an issue. Fix tribe governance for all objects, and fix RB PLEASE 🙏. Also I made a what felt was a standard character that looks normal compared to everything I build, but I can barely see past the grass. Am I too short or is the grass taller than originally.

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