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Revamp Ark Survival Ascended Menu



    Currently, the biggest pet peeve I have for this game is just the menu in general. The first thing to see when the game starts up. It's clunky with unnecessary things added to it. The menu music got old very fast. To simplify, Ark Survival Evolved menu is far superior. ASE menu has that mysterious adventure vibe that feels as though you're about to be dropped in a strange land with the need to survive. ASA's menu however... It just feels like you're about to play a cheap arcade game. The music, the UI, the theme in general. Survival Evolved was obviously created with Heart and Soul. Survival Ascended feels lesser. The gameplay in ASA is a step up and looks great. But, the menu... No thanks. There's nothing wrong with a simplistic feel for a title screen. A simple list to navigate vs clunky images. I mean, this is supposed to be a remaster, not a remake. You don't have to change this much. 

My suggestion: Keep the background or revert to the old one. Bring back the OG "A" logos. Bring back the OG Music. Simplify the navigation altogether. 

The Music and "A" logo was basically the heart of Survival Evolved's menu. Everything else just blended in well with it. 


Does anyone else feel the same or is it just me?

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