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creature idea Possible Additions to Existing Creatures: The Island (possible TLC's?)



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Just some ideas I thought I'd share in case Wild Card happens to see it. Some might need reskins, but I'm focusing mostly on function over fashion.

New Edit for Scorched Earth at: 


Achatina: Can generate larger amounts of Achatina Paste, and possibly alter Organic Polymer generation. While the passive generation is nice, it's a bit cumbersome to either have to continuously clear their inventory's, or have 5+ just sitting there to generate any decent amount. Not to mention that once they generate the max amount of Organic Polymer, they stop generating anymore, and it just continuously spoils without being refreshed.

Allo: While I didn't initially have anything to add, the Allo is pretty social compared to most other reptilian dinos. Having a minor passive where wild Allos won't attack your tamed Allos (other tames and the Survivors are fair game). This might also make an interesting new taming feature where tamed Allos can be used to help passively tame wild Allos by hunting with them.

Ammonite: Nothing to really add. They're a not difficult creature to justify giving anything too when their only use - for Ammonite Bile, which is used for Pheromone Darts (which seem to remain iffy of whether or not they work) - is lackluster, but they don't appear to serve any other purpose in the long-game, and you can't tame them. If the Eurypterid ever becomes tamable, I can see Ammonite Bile being a favored food (makes sense, since the sea scorpions are filled with pi** and vinegar all the time). It wouldn't hurt if it was also used in a recipe for the Chemistry Bench.

Anglerfish: Possibly a flash grenade/Plant Species Y -like affect. While mainly used as an underwater Pearl Gatherer, that seems to largely be it's only function. It's naturally bioluminescent so it would be interesting to have a unique feature that takes advantage of that. Sea Flare - would either consume Stamina or Angler Gel (both for balancing purposes) to replicate this affect. If it uses Angler Gel, another feature to add might be to have the Angler Fish generate Angler Gel passively at a small rate; which would further add to it's usefulness in-game.

Ankylosaurus: Saw this on another post, but adding a Bone-break ability to it's club swing. Maybe some added natural armor. Since the Stego got a significant buff with it's TLC back in OG Ark, our boy here needs some love here too.

Araneo: Web Traps! Simple as that. They would functions similar to the Bear Trap or Plant Species Y, (or maybe even up to the Net Projectile, but considering the Araneo's size, is less likely), acting as a companion to the slow-effect of their normal web attack to bolster both taming and base-defense capability. If set up prior, they would biodegrade over time, but would still last an extended period of time. Also, having them "poop" or generate Silk slowly would be an interesting feature, but is a less pressing idea. 

Archeopterx: Have them function as a Shoulder Pet instead of having it take up both arms just to carry it around. At this rate, it's just more cumbersome than having a handful of Parachutes.

Argentavis: Nothing to add. They did a good job with the TLC back in OG Ark, and I don't know a single person who doesn't continue to tame them in droves.

Arthropluera: They're annoying, but functional. While I don't really use them personally, they're not really meant to be a stand-alone base-defense dino anyway.

Baryonyx: Nothing to add. They're a pretty sweet small to mid-sized mount, and while their traversal capabilities are limited, they're functionality in caves (especially those with water) makes them top-tier. If I had to add something, I'd say just let them gain food from Raw Meat, but without any gaining any health. On top of that, if Fish Meat is supposed to rapidly recover the Bary's health, Prime Fish Meat should be especially impactful  (alas, it is not).

Basilo: It's already a super-effective tame with multiple uses. But! If something has to be added, maybe give them a similar affect to the Yuty, in that they can attract and work with a Mantas the same way Yuty's do with Carno's.

Beelzebufo: The Hydration buff. As an amphibian, it's almost surprising that it doesn't have a similar feature to the Spinosaurus, where it gain increased HP Regen, Move Speed, and Damage when in water; this buff would also activate during rain-based weather (because why isn't that a thing?). Likewise, as an amphibian, this would mean they would take significant debuff when out of the water for a significant amount of time, which is largely a non-issue on any map accept maybe Scorched Earth. Maybe I'm just nit-picking this one, but it always bugged me that the frog wasn't frogging like a frog.

Brontosaurus: Not my idea, once again, but a good one. Give the Bronto either a command feature or an idle animation where it will kneel down, making it easier for other tames to access it's Platform Saddle. Just as a general thought, maybe also improve the grounding feature on Platforms Saddles, 'cause any tames I put on those still end up frame-jumping and "sliding" off.

Carbonemys: Saw something similar in another post, but have a command feature where it huddles up in it's shell and maximizes defense, acting as a kind of mini-vault for gear and supplies (which makes sense in early-game, when you're most afraid to lose your stuff); almost a cross-function between how a Doedicurus rolls up, but with the added use of acting like a buried Purlovia tame. Not my idea, but it was a cool one I saw none the less.

Carchar: Saw some of you guys were more adamant about fixing the nerf these guys get when tamed, and I agree. Problem is, I wouldn't know how to properly implement that without making them unintentionally overpowered. If nothing else, keep the stat reduction (and let the wild version be seen as a kind of ultimate goal), but make leveling them less of an issue. Nothing hurts more than putting points into a stat and realizing it barely goes up. Personally, I think they're still kind of are overpowered (especially when you get into breeding them), as they seem to completely ignore natural armor (at least, in ASE), including that of Rock Elementals, and they're usage on the Extinction map was phenomenal both in Drop Pod Defense, and Caving. I haven't tamed a new one for ASA yet, so I can't rightly say if those features are still there (and we still have a while to wait for Extinction).

Carno: Nothing new yet. I've seen your suggestions for improving the Carno, and I can't rightly say I know what to do about it.

Castoroides: Passive beaver dam building! Or, have it as a unique feature where you can build dams in their inventory (similar to how Lassos are unique to Equus). These would function either as non-damaging barriers (like the wooden or metal spikes), and/or possibly, also as an impromptu bed/shelter for survivors (without the Fast Travel feature of course). I won't say no to being able to craft a beaver lodge from it's Inventory as a primitive form of the Moonpool (which could also function as a passive wood gathering deposit if you have a number of Castoroides on Passive?). Just throwing out ideas for this guy at this rate.

Chalicotherium: These guys are already pretty good. Their main use is in PvP, when you can set half a dozen of them on a Platform Saddle and rain catapults galore as siege weapons. It makes them less of a Singleplayer tame, but I wouldn't know how to improve that.

Cnidaria: Hunting Jelly's is hard enough with how rare they appear to be, but it's made worse when the ones you do find keep spawning in the mesh. Other than that, I got nothing for these pains in the butt.

Coelacanth: While they appear quite frequently in rivers, they have next to no presence in the ocean. I might find 3 or 4 just wondering around the same general vicinity, but that's about it. The Ocean Biome already feels empty enough (even with ASA putting a lot more detail into the flora and coral and stuff), but it doesn't feel lived in. So having schools of Coelacanth (even just small ones) would be nice.

Compy: Early-game Prime Meat gatherer. Possibly also a Swarm-like ability where a group of them will jump and latch onto Survivors (or similar sized creatures) for a few moments once they enter their "Attack" phase (similar to the Deinonychus, but with smaller creatures), dealing damage the whole time, before detaching and regrouping, making them harder for a single player to deal with. Little bit of a Jurassic Park vibe there, but it would make them more a liability to deal with in the wild and in base defense, while adding a unique feature.

Daedon: Improved Rare Mushroom (and just Mushrooms in general for Aberation) gathering. It's mentioned in it's Dossier, but for the life of me, it hasn't been working for me.

Dilo: I'm not actually sure what the Dilo's need in terms of deeper/long-term function. Just... something. These guys are constant in just about every playthrough, and they could use some love.

Dimetrodon: I get this guy is supposed to be an early-game Air Conditioner and Egg Incubator, but lets be real, I usually have the Engram before I even think about getting one; not to mention standing torches, Kairuku, and Otters being readily more available. Not to mention they're located very (very) rarely in the Swamp, and my incentive to seek them out is dashed by the three Kapros that jump me. Making them accessible (but still rare) in caves would be a start (similar to how Sarcos and Snakes are already in them). As for utility? I have no idea. They're too one-trick pony to really give them anything else, and it's kinda sad.

Dimorphodon: Saw some good stuff about a Pack buff on other posts, and even one where Dimorphodon's could act as a kind of swarm shield (like bat swarms in movies or like the Demobats from Stranger Things).

Diplocaulus: As another amphibian, I think it should also have the same additional features I mentioned for the Beelzebufo. Possibly also a Dash like ability when submerged/swimming, which is alluded to in it's Dossier.

Diplodocus: A wide-spread knockback with a tail attack. If it's not gonna do damage, it would be nice to at least clear some space so other things can do the damage.

Direbear: Since it harvests honey from wild beehives when tamed, why not have it harvest honey directly from your personal beehives, without having to enter the hive's inventory (and get debuffed and/or take damage). Better honey gathering preservation, and possibly an HP regen buff from eating honey. Could also add a small rage-like buff for when it takes damage, but I'm not sure about that one since the Direbear already does a lot.

Direwolf: Not really gonna add anything. The TLC was nice, and they're utility went through the roof.

Dodo: Not really wanting to add a functioning value, but more of a pest value for the wild ones. If your crop plots aren't protected or enclosed, they will rummage through them and eat the produce. Maybe also make them the only creature on any of the Arks that is immune to Cryosickness so you can use them as meat shields or distractions in the late-game if you get caught flat-footed by larger predators.

Doedicurus: Don't know anyone who isn't using the Doed, so I can't rightly say that they need anything else for the Island (but they will for Scorched Earth when I cover it).

Dung Beetle: Already useful. The problem is the excess amount of fertilizer that builds up in it's inventory. If we could use it as an alternative way to make gunpowder or explosives, I could understand, but at best, it's only used occasionally for small but steady crops, and for Plant Species X for those who use them.

Dunkleosteus: Pretty good as is. A little (read: really) slow, but it makes gathering oil in the ocean a lot easier, and it's all-round damage reduction is pretty sweet. Maybe make it ideal for harvesting Black Pearls (since that's probably the only think it can't chew through).

Electrophorus: Maybe add a more "swarming" like function where they will encircle what they attack? It would make them harder to hit, but I'm not sure about it.

Equus: Interesting taming method, decent mount, and portable Mortar and Pestle. All-round, still pretty good. Maybe add something similar to the Tropeognathus wind-funnel where it can gain small bursts of speed?

Eurypterid: Making them tamable would be cool as an upgraded version to the Pulmonoscorpius, but that's just me. As something to hunt, it can be a pain if you're caught unawares, but I'm not even sure if they need anything new.

Gallimimus: Slightly reduced Move Speed in exchange for a Dash ability (making it more of a high-speed, but short-range sprinter)? Not sure about this one, but I took inspiration mainly from larger birds like the ostrich and emu.

Giant Bee: Still a big pain in the butt, but still useful. Having them act as proximity turrets would be cool. Maybe also make plants in a short range around the beehive more likely to drop Rare Flowers? That might be a bit much though. Either way, they're still useful for Honey. Problem is, Honey IRL - even after being removed from hives - has a really long spoil time, while in-game it's... pitiable at best. So making it spoil slower would be nice, but it might also be balanced by the fact that the Honey doesn't spoil in the hives at all, so... either way.

Giga: Same thing with the Carchar. They didn't ignore armor like the Carchar last I checked, but I might be wrong. Maybe give them something similar to the Megalosaurus where it will grab/pin dinos of a certain size, and start mauling.

Gigantopithecus: My guy needs some tools similar to the Mantis, mostly so I can just give 'em a club. Maybe also make them better Rare Flower harvesters?

Hesperornis: This thing is just... what to do about it? It's not a great in any department, and it's only unique feature is the Golden Eggs it's supposed to drop, and even those rarely occur. Best thing I can think is to give the Golden Egg it's own Kibble type that is a cut or two above the best kibble, with improved Taming Effectiveness, and will recover lost Taming Efficiency. Maybe give them the unsequestered rage of a real-life goose or swan?

Hyaenodon: Make a more mid- to late-game Prime Harvester? It seems a waste to give them a fridge pack, and then have to focus on preparation rather than utilize them for hunting. I've also read somewhere that they have a Health recovery buff when eating corpses, similar to the Argy, but I haven't observed this at all, so if it's not a thing, I want it to be a thing.

Ichthyornis: These guys are already a pain in the butt. No need to make it worse.

Ichthyosaurus: A "ping" ability, similar to the Parasaur. (add-on) The ping would also allow them to locate nearby Sea Crates.

Iguanodon: Better turning radius while on all fours. Possibly also a Dash while in quadrupedal stance. It's usage skyrocketed in Primitive Plus when you produce a massive amount of seeds that could then be pressed into oil, but since those features don't seem to have carried over into Ark Ascended, and seeds now decompose, they just don't have as much utility unfortunately. So either bringing back that feature, or something else that requires a ton of seeds (I don't know of anything IRL that requires a ton of seeds like that). Maybe a shoulder-charge that can dismount other riders (similar to a lance)?

Kairuku: These guys are basically born to die prematurely. They're used for Organic Polymer farms, and as much as that sucks, I can't think of anything better to use them for. Most of the other small birds have fishing abilities and I don't think Happy Feet over here would get used for fishing anyway. Unless you could use them to herd fish? Definitely add a quick "Slaughter" option to tamed ones, similar to the Ovis.

Kapro: Improve leaping by giving it a "hold button to target" feature. Also, they're supposed to be decent sprinters for a crocodilian, so maybe give them a run similar to the Dire Bear, where it will gradually build up to a decent top speed (on land of course).

Kentro: I don't think these guys need anything else. All I've found is people singing there praises. (Note to self: See if there damage reflect works on Bosses and Titans)

Leech: What is the point of Leech Blood? Like, seriously? Does it function as a substitute for Blood Packs in regards to taming? It needs more uses, and unfortunately, I don't have any ideas for it.

Leedsichthys: Well, it can be trapped and passively farmed for Prime Fish Meat, even if it can't be outright tamed. So it's not too bad. According to the dossier, they're too dumb to tame, so I wouldn't know what else to do with them. Except maybe give them the same "Oil Producing" ability as Basilo.

Liopleurodon: Make it so that it can be tamed long-term, but give it a massive cooldown on the improved Sea Crates effect. Level ups won't be great at improving stats (not as bad as the current Giga, but not that much better either), so it makes it both a massive boon, but also something that Tribes would also have to constantly protect. Maybe also reduce the ability itself and make it more similar to the Troodon, where you can either level up the Boon effect, or level up it's stats, but not both.

Lystro: Have them give a production speed/efficiency bonus on top of XP bonus when Pet. I would suggest something close to the Theri, in that the Lystro could improve either production speed/efficiency or the small XP bonus when Pet. Could also have it improve Crafting Bonus when Pet, but that might make it broken at later levels. Maybe also add a feature where if your Lystro dies at all, your dinos immediately become hostile and converge on that point.

- Make the taming process more unique than just Passive Taming. They could have a random dino native to that area guarding it (similar to how some spiders have pet frogs), and you either have to stealthily take the Lystro, or take out the bigger dino first. Killing it will also trigger the dino to attack.

Mammoth: It got a nice TLC buff in ASE. It has a "roar" debuff now, and in PvP, the saddle has a drum that gives a buff. It can now grab smaller creatures and throw them. That's nice. That's great. But these guys are supposed to be the Creme de' la creme of Wood Harvesting, and yet, it's getting outsourced by virtually everything else. So, improved wood harvesting damage and gathering (efficiency is already at 75% weight reduction, so I'll leave that alone). Give the Mammoth a slow-turning lumbering point-and-click swinging attack.

Manta: Couple things: the attack evidently bypasses armor. Cool. Now also have that attack do a small Stamina drain. Improve their jump into a short-range glide.

Megalania: Already a pretty decent mount. Might be nice if they generated venom/toxin that could be used in darts that is similar to a Giga raging, in that when a Tribe's dino is hit with it, it applies the Mega Rabies health and torpor drain (can only be applied once, which then has a cooldown before it can be applied to the same creature again), but also instills that creature to spread it to every other creature in it's vicinity. Affects small and maybe some medium level creatures; but the second hand Rabies won't instill them to spread it. Larger creatures hit with the dart will get the Mega Rabies debuff, but won't have the urge to spread it (because that would be OP and severely annoying). 

Megaloceros: Since Megaloceros were also called "Irish Elk", like the real world Elk they need bugles. Give both males and females a front hoof attack (similar to trampling) while males retain their antler attack as a secondary, maybe with a 'Impaling' feature on small or medium creatures. And while I've been trying to stay away from aesthetics, I really just want to see the antlers completely bioluminescent in Aberration. Not sure how else to improve them as a whole though, since it's one of the few creatures with very clear dimorphism. Maybe differing functioning bugles?

Megalodon: Been seeing this everywhere, but give them a similar ability as Direwolves, being able to hunt/track wounded creatures.

Megalosaurus: Stronger torpidity drain during night (if it doesn't already); not actually sure about this since I haven't really used the Megalosaurus since OG Aberration. Improved spawn rates in and/or around caves would be nice too, since I've only encountered a grand total of one in my entire Ark Ascended playthrough (which is upwards of 200 hours now).

Megatherium: Nothing I could really add to this guy. He gets the bug buff and that is both an incredible boon, and a massive pain in the butt (especially when using a Rhyniognatha).

Mesopithicus: Throws poo, rides shoulder, has small backpack affect, unlocks doors. Not sure what else it needs. It does get quickly outsourced to Otters, so maybe give the monkey the ability to carry multiple Artifacts too. Maybe a 'Howl' affect similar to a Parasaur 'Ping'?

Microraptor: Needs a quick-launch function from your shoulder, which it immediately returns too. Similar to a boomerang.

Mosasaur: Seen it mentioned a couple times, but having other creatures avoid the Mosa or treat it like a threat would be nice; especially since it's supposedly one of the Apex's of the ocean biomes. Having everything attack you regardless kind of takes away from the imposing might they're supposed to have. Also, it's one of those creatures that I don't know why the Tuso can grab and hold it, especially given that some smaller creatures are immune to the grab. Maybe that's just me though.

Mosachops: They're already super diverse in what they can do, so I don't think this guy needs any more.

Onyc: Not really looking to mention anything, but I did notice the devs gave it a landing animation, so this is more of a shoutout and thank you for that. Would be cool if they could perch on walls and hang on ceilings though, since people rarely look up. It'd make a nice drop down ambush kind of trap.

Otter: Not sure what else they could use. I would complain about it having improved pearl gathering from fish, but that might be a bit much.

Oviraptor: They can now pick up eggs, which is awesome! It would be nice if they could add a feature that shows their pickup range though, cause I tend to mass breed all at once, and I've lost a few eggs and hatchlings due to whatever range it possesses.

Ovis: It's a sheep. It's harvested for wool and mutton. Not sure what else to do with it, unless a unique use for wool comes around. Example: Wool + Organic Polymer = Kevlar, which is used to upgrade Armor rating or something? I dunno. I'm just throwing poop out there.

Pachycephalosaurus: Not sure what else this guy could get. I think they have a charge ability similar to the Wooly Rhino, and if they don't, give it to him. The longer it charges, the more damage it deals (both to dinos and to structures). Full-charge would also add the Bone-Break affect.

Pachyrhinosaurus: Have it's pheromone abilities toggled like the Stegosaurus stances. Have existing pheromones linger for a moment or two. Add one or two pheromones similar to the Mushroom gases from Aberration. Letharic Pheromone - significantly reduces speed of those entering range while gradually increasing torpidity at a low rate (other Pachyrhinosaurus and riders are immune). Smog Pheromone - similar to the smoke grenade or Tuso inking, causes those inside to lose sight while also rapidly draining oxygen, and can cause them to suffocate (works mainly on humans, but can act as a deterrent for wild dinos similar to a Fear effect). Both are negated for humans wearing gas masks.

Paracer: Similar to the Bronto, having a command or idle animation that has the Paracer crouch or lay down for easier access for tames to the Platform Saddle would be nice.

Parasaur: TLC did a pretty good job. I usually have a handful of these guys stationed around my base and keeping my posted about potential threats.

Pegomastax: I hate them! They don't need any new features!

Pelagornis: It's great that it can swim and float on top of the water! But like any good fisher bird, it should be able to dive under it. Even with a limited Oxygen stat, this would still give it more versatility and use at any stage.

Phiomia: These guys need something new, because once you have a Dung Beetle and a decent base setup with other dinos producing poop and fertilizer begins piling up, it's hard to justify keeping one around. Either Fertilizer would need to have additional features (see my Dung Beetle entry), or this creature would need a new feature. Problem is, I don't know how to improve it.

Piranha: Make these turds allergic to attacking anything and everything of a certain size and/or weight. Like, why would they attack my full-sized Spino or Rex? Doesn't make sense.

Plesio: On the spot turn radius. It's primary locomotion is it's flippers, so it should have distinct directional control with that. Might be an odd feature to add, especially with a Platform Saddle, but who knows.

Procoptodon: They did pretty good with the TLC, but I think it got immediately outshined by the Maewing (in ASE) and now the recent addition of the Gigantoraptor in nurturing and baby dino carrying areas (both in utility and in baby size). It could serve as a more early-game version of them, but they're already super rare on the Island. Possibly give it alternative stances, one for movement and jumping, while the other reduces speed but allows them to use a front kick that does torpor. Either way, I think it's jump, and it's kick, should be chargeable for more oomph!

Pteranodon: It's meant to be an early-game flier, so I have no complaints.

Pulmonoscorpius: It's a taming aide, so again, not really any complaints. Maybe better natural armor?

Purlovia: Needs to be ridable. It's big enough, and sturdy enough (compared to some other rideable creatures), and thus needs a saddle. When Buried, it can automatically "Ping" surrounding creatures. Not sure if it should be able to burrow or not.

Quetzal: The dossier mentions that for such a large creature that spends so much time in the sky, no one's seen it come down to feed. And I agree. Wild Quetz's need to start periodically landing (particularly on mountain peaks). Either that, or it could be explained away with them having reduced food consumption. It also needs improved transport capability, especially since that's what it's introduction was meant to convey, and yet it got severely nerfed. I wouldn't mind an idle flight mode where it consumes less Stamina while flying either.

Raptor: The TLC did a good job as far as they go, so I don't really have any complaints about them.

Rex: Still a great dino, despite remaining relatively the same. I don't know of anyone who isn't still taming and breeding them. While I've seen some ideas for how to improve them, best I've got right now is that most creatures won't attack (up to a certain Drag Weight), and the roar should give it a "Challenger Buff", which will boost the Rex, while drawing aggro from larger dinos. Also, since Tyrannosaurus Rex translates to "Tyrant Lizard King", I wouldn't be averse to it having a Stomp attack that pins Medium dinos and smaller, and then it reaches down to bite the neck (ergo: "decapitate").

Rhyniognatha: It's a still a relatively new creature, but I think it's speed reduction when it picks up a dino or object should be based on it's Drag Weight, instead of just a blanket speed reduction.

Sabertooth: Give the Sabertooth a "Crouch" option while riding. While the Sabertooth is crouched, the rider his crouched over it as well. Since there's a lot of high grass in Ark Ascended, and Sabertooth was thought to be an ambush predator, this would give it an advantage. While crouched, both Sabertooth and rider's are less noticeable by dinos, and players if it can be made to work like that, effectively acting like Ghillie armor. Movement speed is reduced, but they make little to no noise while stalking around. From the crouched position, the Sabertooth can pounch and pin players and small-sized dinos, allowing it to make a single devastating attack with its incisors.

Sarco: I'm honestly not sure what to do about these guys. It just feels like its a stepping stone to Garuga's Deinosuchus, which I don't mind, but I don't even tame a lot of these guys anymore. Only thing I could think to add is a "Water Ambush" feature, where it goes completely still under the water and then charges and attacks when something gets close?

Spino: Like the Beelzebufo and Diplocaulus, have the Hydration buff activate in rainy weather.

Stego: This guy already got a buff, and a massive one at that.

Tapejara: Allow it to rotate on from where it hooks to the wall. It's always awkward having to back up to a cliff-face or tree just so I can get into a position to fire downward.

Terror Bird: Basically a slightly better version of the Raptor (stat-wise) with no pack buff. No idea how to help these guys out since they're kind of already big murder chickens.

Theri: Still a decent dino, so I don't think it needs any help.

Thylaceo: Include a short-range grab/pin attack with it's front claws while on the ground, similar to how it pounces from trees, it's claws grip it's prey as it begins mauling.

Titanoboa: Increase size to more realistic proportions for extra terror to those of us afraid of snakes; this might make it rideable. Have it curling up in a ball for an idle animation, which might make it mistakable for some of the larger rocks. It's already venomous, but include a constrictor biting and squeezing (perhaps with a little "avoid dying" minigame) for small creatures. Bonus points if getting slow swallowed is added. Consuming something in this way (particularly players) preserves all items and gear once fully digested, while giving the Titanoboa a massive debuff to speed. Digestion will take place over time, depending on the weight value. Anything eaten this way can also be rapidly expunged for a quick getaway, but won't preserve any of the items or gear. Might also make it an interesting feature to hunt down the specific Titanoboa that kills you, just to get all your items and gear back. Or to hunt with a small brood of TItanoboa.

Trike: The TLC already improved it, and it almost did too much. I got nothing to add here.

Trilobite: Needs a way to bait more of these guys onto the beach for that early-game grind.

Troodon: I haven't really invested a lot of time into getting Troodon's, so I can't really say if they need an improvement as a tame or not. At first glance, the Scout ability seems like an interesting option, but given the whole option circle you have to go through to activate it... it's cumbersome (I play on console, so it takes a hot second to activate). So giving it an quick-activate button, or an item that does the quick activating without having to enter it's wheel would be an immediate plus. Also, the Scout ability only seems to find the closest creature/Player relative to the Troodon, so it either needs to find multiple creatures/Players and/or possibly reveal their stats. Considering the pain it is to not only tame one of these, but losing stats to upgrade the Scout feature, I'd say this is a small price (maybe?)  In addition, the Survivor would receive a passive affect when they have a Troodon (maybe two or more?) Following them that prevents Wild Troodons from attacking the Player or their Troodons (similar to what I mentioned with Allos, just without the addition of taming assistance).

Tusoteuthis: One of my favorite ocean mounts, I have nothing to add to it in all honesty. "Oil" production is spotty, but that's what Basilos are for.

Woolly Rhino: With all the Horns I end up with, the horn could use a few more uses than just a medicine that I never use. Otherwise, it's a good tame.

Yuty: While having the Auto-Courage Roar is nice, it needs a proximity Fear Roar that scares away creatures trying to attack yours. Otherwise, easily one of my favorite tames.



So yeah. That was a lot. Just let me know what you guys think, or if you have improvements to my improvements. Stay cool! Thanks and have a good one!

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Great ideas! I feel bad watching dinos that is absolutely useless in the late game and in early game as well but is in the game running process effort.
Update exist one than adding new will make me happier. 
i like the araneo ideia, can be useful in PVP specialy againts dinos that use the hit and run. 
I miss chalicontherium ideias. The rock stone can stun the tame by 3 seconds like the trike hability. And can add the stone damage for it. 

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Lets not forget the Thorny Dragon here, this thing needs some serious TLC. The torpor attack is useless....sure it harvests wood and gets reduct which is great and all but there are other dinos that do this better. Any suggestions on how to improve this would be nice... perhaps they will implement some of these great suggestions.

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I also suggested a "Broken Bones" effect that the Anky and Doedi should inflict with their tail attacks. Here's how it works:

  • Upon getting hit by an Anky or Doedi, a target will get the "Broken Bones" debuff, which is the exact same as the Trike's ram ability, only lasting longer (60 seconds compared to 4 seconds) and not having the stun visual over the target's head.
  • After the first buff is over, the target will get a 4-minute-long "Broken Bones Recovery" debuff, which allows full walking speed, but prevents running and jumping, similarly to the Ferox's ground slam attack. 

Also, I suggested a TLC for the Giga, which has the following changes:

  • Base HP for Giga decreased from 80000 (seriously?) to 2300 and damage decreased from 500 to 100.
    • It, however, no longer gets any HP/damage nerfs on tame and it also gains ALL stats at normal rates.
  • The bite retains its bleed on tame (I know this sounds very OP, but it makes ZERO logical sense for its teeth to suddenly dull on-tame. Besides, its stats were heavily nerfed anyways!)
  • Gigas in the wild will now aggro large carnivores like Rexes and Spinos. Tamed Gigas do not aggro those large carnivores either.
  • The Giga now has a tail slam attack that is activated with the C-key! This deals 150 base damage and has high knockback, useful for punishing small creatures that try to exploit the Giga's massive turn radius!
  • The roar is no longer merely cosmetic! It inflicts an effect similar to the Yutyrannus's fear roar. However, due to the Giga's more... startling roar, it affects dinos that Yutys can't even dream to scare, such as Rexes, and the roar seems to cause dinos to be scared for much longer than a Yuty (It causes any dino with a drag weight below 700 to instantly start fleeing, and this lasts for 60 seconds rather than 20).
    • On top of that, players riding dinos that are scared by a Giga will become stunned, causing them to dismount!
  • When a Giga rages, the player is no longer dismounted. It now works like a dino that has been scared by a Yuty (or the new Giga); it attacks everything wildly and out of control.
    • If the Giga gets the "Enflamed!" debuff (or any other percentage-based HP drain debuff), it will now instantly rage.

I also made the Carcha have similar stat changes to the Giga:

  • Reduced Carcha's base HP from 70000 to 2000 and damage from 211 to 75 for the bite, and tailspin from 384 to 60. Just like the Giga, the Carcha also no longer gets any nerfs on tame, and it now gains all stats at normal rates.
  • The Carcha is now on the same team class as the new Giga (will target Rexes, Spinos, Allos, etc. on sight and does not aggro those dinos when tamed).
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these are all great ideas, I think that with the progressive addition of Garuga creatures to the base game without these changes many creatures currently in ark will become even more obsolete.

TLC for the t-rex: at this moment the trex only has a simple bite which makes it really pitiful compared to the new creatures they will introduce, therefore the trex should have: 1 the ability to use its tail like a club delivering a vertical blow to also attack enemies behind him, 2 he should be able to prevent attacks from smaller predators not only for himself and his rider but also for nearby allied creatures, 3 he should be able to hold and grab creatures the size of a carnotaur or an anky 


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TLC carnotaur: as another person suggested in another post, to give more value to the carnotaur you can modify its secondary attack which if performed while running by continuing to press the secondary attack button the carnotaur performs a charging attack taking advantage of its horns, this strike should have a strength of 80 or 100 plus bleed damage and a stunning effect on creatures similar in size and smaller than the carnotaur itself 

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Posted (edited)
2 ore fa, Metalios ha detto:

Non dimentichiamoci del Drago Spinoso qui, questa cosa ha bisogno di cure amorevoli. L'attacco torpore è inutile... certo che raccoglie legna e si riduce, il che è fantastico e tutto, ma ci sono altri dinosauri che lo fanno meglio. Qualsiasi suggerimento su come migliorarlo sarebbe carino... forse implementeremo alcuni di questi ottimi suggerimenti.

you are absolutely right.

Thorn dragon TLC: 1 the poison shot should inflict the same torpor as a simple bow considering the attack value of the creature, 2 its poison shot is 3 times more effective if it hits insects or similar 3 since its body is covered in hard scales should have a natural armor of about 20 which will then be added to the saddle, 4 to tame him it will be necessary to drag some dead insects towards him to give him as a meal now the thorny dragon is no longer aggressive towards the players but hunts all the species of insects or similar.

With this tlc, in addition to remaining a valid option for collecting wood, it would be an excellent help in domestication thanks to its armor which allows it to suffer a lot of damage by narcotizing the creature with its poisonous blow.

tell me what you think 



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On 5/7/2024 at 12:59 PM, Metalios said:

Lets not forget the Thorny Dragon here, this thing needs some serious TLC. The torpor attack is useless....sure it harvests wood and gets reduct which is great and all but there are other dinos that do this better. Any suggestions on how to improve this would be nice... perhaps they will implement some of these great suggestions.

The reason I haven't done the Thorny Dragon yet is because I just started Scorched Earth Ascended (I wanted to completely conquer the Island first), and wanted to wait until I had some time to experience the new features. I'll probably start a new topic dealing specifically with Scorched Earth (both with the SE specific creatures, and with some from the Island that would need updated thanks to the new map and - with it - new resources).

I do have a list started for it, but I want to put in some more thought into what makes them special when paired up with other creatures; and even when transferring them from other ARK's.

On 5/5/2024 at 3:19 PM, aikkam said:

TLC carnotaur: as another person suggested in another post, to give more value to the carnotaur you can modify its secondary attack which if performed while running by continuing to press the secondary attack button the carnotaur performs a charging attack taking advantage of its horns, this strike should have a strength of 80 or 100 plus bleed damage and a stunning effect on creatures similar in size and smaller than the carnotaur itself 

I didn't include the Carno, mostly because I wasn't sure what to do with it. I couldn't find anything that suggested the Carno's horns would have been used for anything other than a mating display, and it received the modest ability to deal Bleed damage with it's bite/headbutt. This makes them ideal for witling down the health on the massive percentage-based tame creatures like Rhyniognatha (just gotta be careful to have a bigger mount on standby) and later for Reaper Queens once Aberration Ascended comes out. The horns might find more practical use, but that would require moving them from their current position (given they're too close to the eyes to absorb any real shock) and making them bigger and more akin to actual horns, and as I mentioned, I'm trying to avoid fashion changes to dinos.

I tend to use the Carno as an all-round stepping stone mount when I upgrade my hunting dinos (from Dilo, to Raptor, to Carno, to Allos), since they're bleed affect inflicts a slow, and a small troop of them is great for taking down decent-sized but higher-leveled herbivores (granted, that was more for Ragnarok in OG Ark, when the average level of wild dinos was much higher).

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On 5/13/2024 at 3:34 PM, jurassicjoey said:

id ilike to see a water dino get a note sniff abily like the wolf to help find the water note wiht out having to look them up or watch a vido to find them. and maybe it can doulbe to point out where there migght be a deepsea crate not buff it just help find one 


I think the reason Wild Card hasn't yet is because Explorer Notes located underwater comprise a very small percentage overall. Though having one that locates Sea Crates is an awesome idea. Maybe the Icthy. I offered it a 'Ping' ability, and I think that would work awesome with it!

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