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Community Crunch 408: Introducing Ceratosaurus from ARK: Additions

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17 hours ago, Brettskii said:

Great crunch guys! Please consider adding a paid store system. It would really help me keep my presence on all the different game modes. If i can use some small payments to help me get started and mitigate the upkeep for my expansion in new modes it would really help me establish a base on more servers and help to spread my wings and keeps a broad portfolio! you have a fan base ready to take the next step and add ark into their(my) financial plan.

No one cares about you making a pay to win server. Pathetic leech 

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1 hour ago, Brettskii said:

LOL, u mad bro? Sorry im not poor and I want to be part of the solution not the problem. Who gets hurt from having a real in game store? Nobody but the people running black market RMT discords! The real leeches are the ones that don't want a real system in place so they can keep sucking the game dry in the background. Snail and WC  would make a crap load more money than what it makes off of premium mods and maps. Repeat purchases can only really happen in a store. These mods and maps are one time purchases.

If you're talking about a store where you can buy stuff like wyverns or turrets etc than that sounds like absolute cancer. Gaming is overrun with that garbage enough as it is these days.

People buying bases and whatnot for real money is such a weak move. I'll never understand people like that. It's the same type of people that cheat and hack in something like warzone to pretend they're good.

Unfortunately its a product of a society that wants instant gratification without putting in the time and effort to build success on their own. Taking the easy way out is something that should be frowned upon, not proped up and encouraged with an official store.

It's one thing to allow shortcuts in someone's private singleplayer world, but that crap has no place in multiplayer. 

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4 minutes ago, Brettskii said:

I'm guessing people on benefits would come up with something like put the time in or don't expect a shortcut lol. Its unhealthy to assume the majority of people are going to neckbeard a game as hard as the "alphas". This game has been plagued with over farming resources just to create a stockpile, blocking resources to slow down competition, creating absurdly high prices for trades, toxic grouping in game on servers.

This game has been said on YouTube that it will cease to exist when Ark 2 comes out. If you create a reason for them to want to keep it running we wont have a repeat of what happened to ASE. We are getting a huge service while at the same time creating an incentive for the owners to keep it going. Look at the launch of SE and how there was not nearly enough servers to facilitate the amount of people looking to play. Everything costs money to setup and run. If they have a larger pool to work with im sure we wont run into these issues in the future map releases. It would also logically give the company more capitol to work with when working out the bugs, creating new content, and hopefully getting some good advertising going. I see way more pro's than con's.

Like i have said in may previous comments, the only people it would truly hurt are the people running discords themselves. PVP would be more open to PVE players. There wouldn't be PVP servers owned by 1 person blocking every single loot drop and obi cause you could just buy the raw materials and create your own way out or better, take on the person blocking the server! So that brings up the biggest win for a in game store. Being able to USE the servers being paid for instead of having one person on em and having to pay for it. Seems like a huge waste of money the way it is.

If you want to OWN a map go play single player. If you want to OWN a server go buy one.

If you have a great income, buy the things you like and want to enjoy!

No cheating. No hacking. A store option that anyone can freely use, or choose not to use.

People with benefits??? So youre suggesting only poor people want an environment in game that rewards putting in the work to build up a base or breeding lines legit?

What a horrible, arrogant statement. 

I make a comfortable living and I wouldn't dream of paying a dime to buy something that can be earned in-game. It's the principle, not the price.

Struggle builds character. Failure is a learning experience that makes you better. When you can bypass all that by plunking down a few bucks, it takes all the reward out of any accomplishment you have in the game.

 P2W is never healthy for a game. Look at the massive backlash Tarkov has received for their abhorrent recent practices with that ridiculous 250$ p2w edition. 

My god I hope no one like you ever gets put in charge of this game. What a distorted outlook. Want to wipe someone's base? No problem just pay us 50 bucks for some c4 and soakers! What a joke.

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Hello everyone thank to the people who liked the Funko pop art concept I made originally this art was used for the Funko Pop character submission

I did send them the pictures but haven't got a email from them sadly so I wanted to show them so you and wildcard can see what they would look like AND maybe they might want to make Funko pop :) I can imagine a super sized giga funko pop!  :o


Also please stop tether distance!

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5 hours ago, Brettskii said:

The way things are limits what can be enjoyed. Could say its not the game for everyone and stop playing but i like the idea of finding a way for everyone to get something out of this great game and build up the action. Servers are boring right now. Either its a loot fest of decaying bases, one person cryofridging every spot and holding the server down as their own, too many people farming the same resource, or full and probably fun af.

Your reasoning is the proof of what is wrong with your idea. Creating artifical scarcity to validade overspending, every game using stores is desinged around that. Sad to see you don't recognize the issues you mention for what they realy are. The game's mechanics, rule's and enforcement is creating the opportunity to "own" a server, the settings are creating the grind, the lack of sufficient servers is part of the problem as well. Your "shop" will not fix any of this, it will just generate more cash for publisher and platform store's.

Also it will not solve the issue of ASA being dumped like ASE at launch of ARK 2, same scenario is to be expected: Launch announced, end of support announced (ASE events, remember?), closing of servers announced to free up servers for new game, ARK 2 delayed and money dissapeared into electric car dream project while game is left to die...

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18 hours ago, Brettskii said:


I like to keep an open mind and I especially enjoy this topic. I see a great future in it thats for sure. I am suggesting that benefit people have the time to struggle and fail through the game and eventually just win and over farm everything. A store even stevens thats out. You can spend a hour or so of your free day to craft up the same stuff someone will have to work hour(s) to pay for.

The way things are limits what can be enjoyed. Could say its not the game for everyone and stop playing but i like the idea of finding a way for everyone to get something out of this great game and build up the action. Servers are boring right now. Either its a loot fest of decaying bases, one person cryofridging every spot and holding the server down as their own, too many people farming the same resource, or full and probably fun af.

Its your money use it how you want. Having an option to use it the way i want would be great! If you don't want to financially invest and support the game you are actively participating outside the actual game, fine that is your choice lol! Other games are just that, other games. I never played that game you mentioned and i dont know anything about it to say yay or nay. P2W is just a word people fling around to try to end the topic. Not every game that has a in game store is bad lol.

WoW is my favorite example. I played that game so much as a teen and young adult that i became really good really quick. I got into gold selling and I made a nice amount of money while i enjoyed the game total win win, but when they added the token system it was checkmate that day. no way i could beat the low prices and it killed a lot of gold sellers including my guild. It was one of the top 75 in the world and we all did it, and all of us had it ruined that day. Same thing would happen here. RMT sellers doing what you just said would be out of business. No way they would be able to compete with a low price from the host. If selling is going to happen i prefer it be done the right way by the game maker and not some rando on the internet.

I like the idea of being able to spend $50 and get a kit or maybe even a xp/level boost! Maybe you are on to something! That is a fair price and kinda feels like a wow server boost token. They did really well with those. I would love to see it here. Great way to build up more characters and have a broad portfolio of servers.

A store would also make In game breeding get a boost with more people able to buy and trade. There is no such thing as a "legit" way to do anything. that is just a word to reward not having a job and spending more time playing than others. I like the idea of more people being able to start their own lines and that would be accomplished with a store lol. Neckbeards have a control on who has access to resources by farming and setting timers to hit them on respawn. A store preventing them from doing that anymore and that sounds like progress to me!


Or you could just go to unofficial which can have servers with different rates rather than give wildcard a means to squeeze money out of people silly enough to whale for this of all games.

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19 hours ago, Nickevon said:

Ceratosaurus from the ark additions ok that's kinda cool I think , so uuhhh are we eventually going to get other creatures/dinos from ark additions get officially added to ASA , or is just going to be a one time thing ?

The answer is in the Crunch if you read through all of it.

On 5/4/2024 at 2:56 AM, StudioWildcard said:



This is just the first of Garuga's fearsome creatures from ARK: Additions that we plan to introduce to ARK: Survival Ascended. We expect to launch this new creature by mid-May so get ready, sharpen those spears, and prepare to conquer this fantastic beast! Next week, we will be revealing the second creature that will be released simultaneously with Ceratosaurus!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Typical RE RE wildcard integrates the "Ceratosaurus" and Breaks the freaking taming, can no longer trap it. i tried signs, pillars, everything won't go past 1% unless you are out in the open. totally over complicated "a mediocre" dino's taming. suck the fun out of anything, so i just go around killing them all because thats all they good for now fing useless. no way im farming 300 bloodpacks and 500 spines just to tame one dino...i so want to rant about the level of idiocy behind this but i don't want to get banned for speaking my mind because...nazi's hate free speech.

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