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PVE small tribes (please read details)



Please read this Ark devs :) Give us pve small tribe servers please. Keep the game playable for us solos, duos, and small tribes. Even if its 1-3 per map.  This has been a very common desire for a long time in the ark community. Keep the game viable and relevant for us small tribes out there. 

With server rates going down, SE server populations are already beginning to plummet.  There hasnt been an overpopulation issue for at least half a week now, and that lower amount has divided in half again with rates ending.  Most the people on now are just cryoing everything with plans of not returning for a long time until next event.  Give people like us, who love ark, but cant continue to play as a solo, duo, or small tribe a way to continue playing and keep the game viable for us. I guarantee they would be some of the most popular servers.   

Individuals always rebuttal with play unofficial or solo player. We want to play official not unofficial. We want to have the longevity of knowing our server will be there and we want to be able to have interactions with other players, couples, and small tribes. Ive restarted 20+ times on servers that claim they supposedly never wipe on unofficial so i have definitely tried that option.  Most of us small tribes on PVE have tried this but we have faced this same issue.  These unofficial servers are also filled with p2p, p2w, and admin abuse issues.

Please look out for your older player base who have been loyal to you for a decade.  We generally have far less time now and have significantly less friends who continue to game.  We want this and it would be a great way to build your brand and enable older players, smaller tribes, and couples to continue to enjoy this game and build a stronger ark community.  Thank you!

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