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Community Crunch 404: An Update on The Center, Eggcellent Rates, and More!

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Survivors, a massive THANK YOU to everyone battling it out in Scorched Earth and uncovering Bob's Tall Tales! It's been a blast creating these expansions, and we're thrilled you're enjoying them.

But you know us 😉 – there's always more on the horizon. So, what's the next big thing?


Get Ready for The Center!.png


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Mark your calendars, because on June 3rd, we're releasing The Center with Shastasaurus! This free expansion is like a whole new ARK world – double the size of The Island, that gorgeous Tolkien-fantasy feel, and tons of new surprises for you to uncover.  In the meantime, you'll find us split up, tackling everything to make ARK: Survival Ascended its best. Some of us will be squashing Scorched Earth bugs, others are diving into the world of our upcoming free Aberration expansion, but the main force is powering through to bring you the epicness of The Center on June 3rd.

We can't spoil all the fun just yet, but know that even more exciting developments are cooking for the June 3rd update. Your ARK adventures are about to get a whole lot wilder. 🦖




Stranded and vulnerable in the unforgiving desert of Scorched Earth Ascended, even veteran ARK survivors face the urgent tasks of finding water, securing food, crafting, and building shelters to survive. Leverage your ARK Island skills to conquer the desert by slaying, taming, and riding its unique creatures, including the formidable Fasolasuchus, adapted to thrive in extreme conditions.




In Bob’s Tall Tales legendary ARK veteran Bob is ready to share his own incredibly true adventures with you for the first time! Experience the thrilling wonder and awesome spectacle of Bob’s epic adventures across The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction! Each Tall Tale delivers unique and helpful creatures and vehicles like the monolithic Oasisaur & Trains on Scorched Earth Ascended -- with more to come in Aberration and Extinction.

Buy the expansion pass now on Steam, XBOX or PlayStation!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to pay for Scorched Earth?
    • Answer: No, Scorched Earth is included in ARK: Survival Ascended. If you own ARK: Survival Ascended, you automatically have access to the map.
  • If I do not own Bob's Tall Tales can I still play on Scorched Earth Servers with my friends?
    • Answer: Yes! You do not need to own Bob's Tall Tales to play on any servers that have Bob's Tall Tales content.
  • Do I need to do anything special to enable Bob's Tall Tales on my server?
    • Answer: No, Bob's Tall Tales has been baked into the core game, so no changes are necessary.
  • What does Bob's Tall Tales include?
    • Answer: The expansion pass Bob's Tall Tales includes three different expansions: Frontier Showdown for Scorched Earth, Steampunk Ascent for Aberration and Wasteland War for Extinction.





Download & play new custom content created by players, including new maps, creatures, items, and game modes, through a dedicated new Mod-bowser directly within the game. Enjoy an endless stream of new ARK content as the creativity and talent of the community is fully unleashed for the first time across gaming platforms and stay tuned as we spotlight more Cross-Platform Mods each week!

This video features:






What are ARKpocalypse?

  • ARKpocalypse are monthly-wipe servers with higher than usual rates.

Next wipe: April 26th 2024

You can join them by searching in the server browser! Happy Surviving!







This week, the Official Network will be receiving eggcellent rates! It will be active until Monday, April 8th.

  • PVP/PVE: 3x Harvesting, Taming, and Experience, and Breeding
  • Small Tribes: 5.5x Harvesting, Taming, and Experience + 5x Breeding
  • ARKpocalypse: 6x Harvesting, Taming and Experience, and Breeding




Fan Art Gallery | Screenshot Gallery | Artist Feedback Form

Help us discover your talent by tagging your art with #ARKPhotoMode or #ARKFanart on social media!




Welcome to Monarky, where a group of unique Ark content creators come together for incredible adventures and a little bit of tomfoolery. Tasked with an objective every season, the Monarks face trials and tribulations that make what would be an ordinary survival adventure just a little more interesting.

This season, our Monarks don their cowboy hats and spurs and face off with the unforgiving wilds of Scorched Earth to help rebuild a town ravaged by deathworms the likes you've never seen before. Will they succeed, or will they inevitably fall victim to the harsh badlands? Saddle up, survivors, because it's going to be a wild ride.

Watch the Monarks' videos or catch their livestreams:

Join the Monarky community on Discord and Twitter!



Creator: Kittykatlapurr

Kittykatlapurr shows you where to find silk on Scorched Earth in Ark Survival Ascended and how to harvest it.


Creator: ClickTockClock

ClickTockClock covers everything you need to know about Fasolasuchus, including how to tame it, its abilities, and more, in under three minutes!



Part 4 of drawing every Dino Dossier by cascadingcaramel



Fan Art by shinjitsunokubomichibi



Hermes the Rock Drake by penguinlover583



Mei being unsure of Helena's interests by @laind004



Fan Art by @falco_luna



CHIBI Quetzal by KOKOC



Yutyrannus by PetitFlan




Karkinos Saloon by twwakie



Man, I finish taming the lvl15 green phoenix, only to come across this beauty of a 145 on the next superheat by donnsensei



Some in-game screenshots of the new Fasolasuchus by shadowqauntlet



Photo Mode by vikingjosh



Refresh by @ff14_Crown_A



Enjoy your weekend!
Studio Wildcard

Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
Discord: discord.com/invite/playark
Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark
Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark
Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110
Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark
Threads: threads.net/@survivetheark
Official Wiki: ark.wiki.gg



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...In case you missed it, this week Paramount+ released this video related to ARK: The Animated Series :



This free expansion is like a whole new ARK world – double the size, that gorgeous Tolkien-fantasy feel, and tons of new surprises for you to uncover

You make it sound like it's the TLC this map deserves.
(I personally hadn't realized it had a Tolkien feel the first time, so clearly it's needed in more ways than one)

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Is there another DLC coming with The Centre that isn't apart of the Bob's Tall Tales Pack?


Perhaps a DLC expansion similar to Bob's Tall Tales but for community maps?

Like and expansion pass for the Centre, Ragnarok and Valguero with maybe new fantasy items?



Also when will be be getting the next community creature vote soon, I miss going through new submissions and having that fun again.

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"Mark your calendars, because on June 3rd, we're releasing The Center with Shastasaurus! This free expansion is like a whole new ARK world – double the size, that gorgeous Tolkien-fantasy feel, and tons of new surprises for you to uncover."

Does the "double the size" comment mean its double its original inc redwoods size or or double the size of the island?


Edited by ancojo
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WOOHOOOO THE CENTER!!!  LET’S GOOOOOOOO!!!   Probably my top favorite map, to those that started playing after the addition of aberration, the center to a lot of us long time original ASE veterans holds a place in our hearts that is indescribable.  I will never forget those beginning months of that map.  I hope you guys fixed that blasted lighting issue in the snow after a thunderstorm though.  OOOOFFF!  That was enough to give ya epileptic seizures!  Good to see the Shasta is BACK on the center where it was voted to be!  I would like to see you guys relaunch The Center how it did originally and NOT TO CHANGE IT THIS TIME!  I mean in the regards that a Giga (or Carchar) has a rare chance to spawn ANYWHERE on the map.  The Center was supposed to be how many times harder than the island and after that change it really wasn’t.  Nothing screams Ark to me than going about doing different tasks and have that fill the back of your pants moment.  

I also hope you guys added some things to the map that the rest of the maps got as far as element spawns or black pearl spawns like Ragnarok.  Every non-story map seemed to get things like creatures and resources that were capable to get on the previous story maps, except The Center.  Rag had the wyvern scar and wyvern bay, it introduced us to the ice wyvern, the griffin and the in world mini bosses (that were a lot of fun to run), as well as the desert with the SE creatures.  Val had the in world broodmother and the deinychus and the aberration biome.  Crystal Isles introduced us to the crystal wyverns and also had the desert biome and gave us the ability to farm element and black pearls for tek.  Last but not least Fjordur gave us just about everything in one package (kinda wish it was a little bigger than it was but still awesome map).  The point I’m making is The Center seemed to have gotten left behind and always felt like the map had the potential to offer more than what it did.  There are cool things about it like the underworld, the air pockets in the ocean the volcanic islands, the ice cave and the super deep ocean but they’re almost 1 trick ponies.  Yeah it’s cool to go check em out but after that they get forgotten.  It’s probably too much last minute at this point and I hope you guys already thought about that sort of stuff and added in some of the things that The Center got left behind on, but also hopefully to continue to bring it up to date in the future as the roadmap plays out, as the story maps get released.  Just food for thought and all in the same, like I started this……WOOOHOOOOOOO THE CENTER!!!!  LET’S GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Definitely excited for this one!!!!

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Good job guys. but never cared for center hopefully aberration is much bigger with way more growable plants 🪴 and trees for us to decorate our bases with. Also can we use the western themed objects on different maps. Would be amazing to have access to all the items on every map to expand the diversity and creativity of our players and survivors. 

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46 minutes ago, Ariel160 said:

CAN YOU OPEN MORE SERVERS? HOLY HELL. You release a new map, a free to play weekend, and add it to game pass, and you have not NEARLY enough servers for your players who have been here! I want to PLAY the game I paid for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you about to release a new map and a PAID DLC and a TON of people can't even play..............great business handling. 

Totally agree , island pve 422 servers I see, as of now 144 scorch, not even half, this Easter event been a total waste ,from just trying to get into server, transfer bug, invisible inventory bug, today's been 1st playable day, after 1¹/² hrs to get in.

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  • Volunteer Moderator
22 minutes ago, RoboticMerp said:

Does anyone know what the xbox update did?

v39.6 (39.4 PC client, 39.3 Xbox client, 39.4 Playstation client) - 04/05/2024 - Major version for servers and clients

  • Fixed an issue with Oasisaur not being tamable on servers with ForceAllStructureLocking=True
  • Fixed a lighting issue during Scorched Earth's ascension
  • Fixed Oasisaur's resource inventory sometimes disappearing on stasis/unstasis
  • Fixed Oasisaur's resource inventory displaying unintentional multiuse options
  • Fixed a case where Oasisaur's visual foliage would disappear unintentionally
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Morellatops to appear crouched down lower than intended
  • Fixed all cases of Treasure Maps prompting the player to purchase "Bob's Tall Tales" when they already own it
  • Fixed an issue with the Shovel's digging animation
  • Fixed an issue that caused the equipped Shovel to float in the air after dying
  • Fixed several mesh holes on Scorched Earth
  • Fixed several cases of floating foliage on Scorched Earth
  • Fixed cases where the Manticore's Loot crate would be the incorrect color
  • Fixed several mesh holes on The Island
  • Fixed being unable to pixel paint the Hanging Sign
  • Fixed various player character clipping issues
  • Performance adjustments to various meshes on Scorched Earth
  • Performance adjustments to various weather VFX and lighting on Scorched Earth
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57 minutes ago, R34jeromegtr said:

There is nothing to be happy about. These updates break our nitrado servers with mods. When servers go down they are gone for almost 5 business days. 
Since SE launched my island server is kaput  

your dev team is trash. 

I can’t believe I pay for this poop. 

I don’t agree with trash talking.  But I do hope this update fixes the issues with my Nitrado server.  We’ve been down since the SE release as well.  A bought game on a paid rented server, and they have a partnership.  
mom hindsight.  I would have not put on any mods, or at least fewer, because it’s update after update after day after day.  I love the mods. I love the game.  I don’t like spending money for a week of downtime though.  Fingers crossed it’s playable tonight. 

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