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Ark Ascended: $30 is an outrageous scam-like price for DLC.

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Back in Ark Evolved, DLC prices were 20$ when they first came out. For 20$ with scorched earth you got: An entire brand new unique map. A massive amount of new creatures that aren't native to The Island. And a massive sleuth of new items to craft. So now for 30$ you get: 1 creature that revives the dead. the first ever player-made vehicle that can be ridden around as if it was a legit modern day train. And a bunch of reskinned structures that a mod author probably already made under RP Decor.


Now please I really need to know what is going on in the minds of this community because this is actually scam-like by comparison. Why are all of you okay with this new way of marketing that wildcard is doing? (Note that if enough people speak up and purposely boycott the DLC. The price will go down, as people who unite can get companies to change their ways. This is a fact not an opinion)


Let me be clear: While the price is the main problem, the other main problem is that there is practically no content for 30 dollars compared to the 20 dollar content that came with the map. I would rather pay 20$ for the Map itself again than pay 30$ for 1 creature and 1 item with reskinned structures. Why is this better pricing to you?

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I agree. they are drip feeding us content we already own and paywalling literally anything new they do. just gonna wait for some mod developer to rip the assets for my server. meanwhile no man's sky on it's 27th free update lol. we get to pay the price because their parent company is bad at money management.

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3 minutes ago, Apezza said:

Bob's Tales DLC includes SE, Ab and Extinction. So it ends up being $10 per map.

When you say includes SE, Ab, and extinction. Does this imply that you get the DLC's from when those maps release? or do you have to get bob's tales for the maps themselves? Because they said the maps would be free if you bought ark ascended itself.

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Okay so I'm a special kind of person that doesn't process information properly so please excuse my post about the DLC being 30$ was scam-like. Let me explain:

So I thought it was 30$ (because they don't take you to the SE DLC specific page, they take you to the bundle under their announcement post) so i thought it was 30$ for the adventure pack.

However since I now found out that the 30$ is across the 3 maps, and its 10$ each. That is actually fantastic pricing that I think is VERY fair. In fact I expected it to be 10$ and im glad I was not disappointed. 

Once again grand apologies for the misinformation, I'd insult myself with the "forbidden swear words" but I can't so I am a moron and I again deeply apologize. I contacted a moderator to get rid of the post. 

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