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I have been trying to get on for hours. Just sitting here. Reset my Xbox. Reset router. Un-installed mods re-installed the two mods you need... I've tried joining on friends. Not able to make that work. I've tried sitting here and waiting for hours. Eventually the Xbox turns off before I join a server. WE NEED MORE NA SERVERS!!!! There are still a lot of people that are still waiting to be a le to play this. By the time we are able to get on all the land will already be pillars. Please release more NA servers. I even paid for your DLC. If I could be in a queue and at least play my island server that would be nice. But instead I've spent 20 hours just waiting to have a turn to play this new content because they are all still full.....

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On 3/26/2024 at 11:48 AM, Moonie1 said:

Now that it seems like ASA's Scorched Earth is finally going to be released, the big question remains. Are we getting the same buggy version that was initially for ASE (just like what was done with The Island)? This will set the tone for the future map releases. If it happens twice in a row we can expect it to happen with the rest of the maps.

...and so the answer is...

Launch was delayed, then delayed again, then patched, patched again because mods. At the second day of "availability"; still not enough servers but game appears to be as stable as The Island. Which is not that stable. 

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