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Community Crunch 398: An Update on The Center, Oasisaur Dossier, and More!


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52 minutes ago, Godzillian01 said:

ASE didnt last because of mods, what kinda lonely singleplayer pve mindset is that

Lol even as a singleplayer myself I find their comment to be completely baseless! I actually liked the core game and avoided mods for most of my playthroughs. There is no way “mods kept ASE alive”.

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Well im very curious now will mondays patch actualy fix the save data failing to save issue along with the command failing to work?... i am fine with the center being pushed back infact i'd be totaly fine if gigantoraptor was pushed back along side it because the game rlly needs to be fixed other then adding more content and neglecting the issues at hand i think should have been a priorty perhaps it has been but still more needs to be done anyways About the osasisaur i am glad we will finally have a method to revive the fallen now finally since i believe mobile has always had that system at play if the game gets fixed and i can actualy play it with save issue fixed then ill use my money to get that dlc cause that thing will be worth it. : )

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2 hours ago, HoganRyan01 said:

youre the joke lol

the reason they are pushing mods is because 1, they were forced to release early by nitrado and have to give us something to have fun with until they can smooth things out

2, ASE only lasted as long as it did because of mods

Get your facts straight kid. Go do some bloody research and quit white knighting. 
Fact: CEO of SNAIL, their PARENT company, in an interview a few weeks back before the yearly earnings call, stated, unequivocally that WC was developing a mod system for players to "create content in game to then sell and Snail would take a cut of those profits." 

Fact: ASE didn't survive due to mods. Many of us played on Official and Unofficial servers. Dudes in my tribe played both official and unofficial, at the same time. And the unofficial server they played on? Only 4 mods that were to literally only made QOL changes. I have people on MY unofficial ASA server that played throughout ASE and never touched unofficial, and they know people... Blah, blah, blah. You're wrong. Stop white knighting.

Fact: they weren't forced to release early by Marbis (Nitrado's parent company). Snail signed a bad deal because they didn't pay server bills and because they needed money to finish development. They could have released later, but then Marbis would keep all the profits from server rentals until the loan was paid off. There was no forcing here. These were the terms and they accepted them. Marbis didn't force them to do it. Marbis didn't hold them at gun point to make them sign the bad deal they signed. It was all CHOICE. Chose not to pay server fees. Chose to sign a bad deal. Chose to release when they did so they could make money off servers.

The kind of mods they are trying to push, the player created content, like the skins, not the stuff on CurseForge, it's all a way to start generating money. Creating another avenue of microtransactions on top of the other microtransactions they're peddling out to us, like this floating island dino base thing. It's content locked behind a paywall and they don't want to make all of it, they want your fellow players to make it, and then sell it, so they can take a cut without having done any work. It's scummy.

All of this info is out there man. Just do the legwork. But, ya know, if you're too lazy to do it, or don't know how to do it, go check YouTube. There are plenty of reputable YouTubers that cover this stuff.

So, yes, they are a joke, and now you are too.

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Let's put aside the countless delays that occurred throughout ASE. ASA released in October and with this new delay, if the April release date for SE is true that will end up putting us over 5 months since the release of TI. Initially we were told Dec 2023 for SE but we knew that was lowballing it. It gets delayed. We're told TC is going to be released sooner. They then tease us with premium mods, custom cosmetics and server transfers, all of which get pushed back several times, week after week. Now we're told TC is delayed and the wording places it back to possibly May as Dollie confirmed SE is the main focus again.

I get there are development issues but why not be more transparent and write informative dev posts? This kinda feels like a weird abusive relationship at this point. Getting reeled in with false promises and estimates when they certainly know the content won't be done, over and over and over again for years. Dreadful treatment. Different teams working on different maps and things like the premium mods and cosmetics taking from the overall focus that should be bug fixes and maps to keep the game strong.

I also don't understand only releasing trailers on the day of the release. There's a very awkward dev-community relationship here that is cloudied by a weird apprehension and resentment that goes both ways. I look forward to escaping this weird loop and seeing the game reach a stable point with new maps so we can return to what we were promised and what we enjoyed most in ASE. If there is someone in upper mgmt at WC who is responsible for all the off the rails estimates and lack of transparency, can they just chill out? Another 1-2 months of TI amidst this awkwardness stings and we know bankruptcy can't be far off so I think it's time to start communicating more, getting better organized and following through on the huge list of promises.

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We've played ARK for 7+ years and the best you lot could do was bring us a boring Island map with 3000% amount of level 20 dinos again and same boring content that we had already for 7 years. Great job. Rather than give us release dates for new maps/ content - just announce it when its actually ready for release. The game is slowly dying, the game is boring as hell at this point and people are letting their bases decay or just giving away everything because there is better survival games now. Official PVP is stale also, the same broken poop as it was before.

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5 hours ago, AlucardCrimson said:

Oh look at that, postponing the center but still giving us a dino that we don't care about instead of the map that we actually give a crap about. Or hey, maybe you know. Actually fixing all the issues currently in the game instead! Not adding more mods that will continue to break the game, or premium mods that we don't care about so you can just make more money off your players instead of actually caring about us and what we actually want and FIX THIS BROKEN GAME ALREADY!!!


don't talk for all, I want that new dino for sure.

but it's indeed a shame they delaying The Center, altho sadly not unexpected.

it seems this time they gave it to some partner to work instead of themselves tho... guess their partner also love delaying xD


the rest of what you said is stupid tho,

They are not giving us mods, they are the community making the mods,

Premium Mod is also made by the Mod author, they showing off or selling these mods or not doing it have no impact on the game getting fixed,

So stop complaining about that because there is people who love the mods, either to use it on unofficial or the ones that can be used in officials.

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Well this news was not a surprise at all as wildcard have shown yet again how completely incompetent they are at making there one game great again,as all they have done is bend over royally and take it up the rear end over and over and poop on there community thanks to them crawling into bed with the two worse companies i.e. snail games and cursed forge which neither give a crap about your game all they do is F you over and over. As o time to move on and forgot about this game once and for all seeing there a ton of newer and better survival games now out there to play all of which put this broken ass game ..so F##K you wildcard and all your lazy and poope staff 

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