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Rhyniognatha Pregnancy questions


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Does the victim(the Bronto etc) Has to have full weight food on it during the pregnancy or is it ok it will only have "some" amount of food enough just to eat.. also trough can they utilize those?

Secondly, How do you control the Rhyagna agro? I mean in trap you want it to stay in, but today after impregnation it agroed the pregnant Bronto again so couldn't keep it in the trap..

Will using maybe rare flowers grab its agro?


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During the incubation phase, little Rhynio drains health with a precise countdown, treating or feeding the victim does not change anything, putting food in his inventory would be wasted; the only moment in which it is recommended to insert food (and force it to eat) is in the very last seconds before birth, this is because if the Server is delayed exactly at that moment then it could happen that the Dino dies due to an "incorrect" calculation . 

I didn't quite understand your second question, if you can explain yourself better, also because you didn't explain what type of trap you are using (the most common are: a small one like the one of CaptainFatdog ASA version which you open and free Rhynio after bringing him under 10%, or a slightly larger one in the ASE version, or a large closed cube with a single large room, or a huge one with two rooms separated by a door), rare flowers are not of much use but it is highly recommended to eliminate every wild creature nearby otherwise Rhynio will tend to attack those smaller creatures, mainly Ptera.

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