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Lost Character - Mega Thread

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So my tribe and i ran the end boss alpha and at the end put all my items in my dino to not loose it all... then watched the cut  scene and game crashed back to main menu, not an issue. But then when i tried to log back into my server we had just played on... i noticed i didn't get an option ot download my lvl 101 survivor with all the engrams or anything... my character was just gone... and still is... is there any way that Wild Card can help get my character back? it must be archived somewhere right? i just rather not loose the many hours i have in my 100%ed raised babys...

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Do they actually help restoring character when things like this happens now? They never ever helped in ASE only thing they did was bringing back a char up to lvl 105 if u had more with all bosses etc they werent restoring it... Lost mine like this. If you lost your character when ascending my guess is the game ddnt change at all and they will never fix this issue so i advise ppl not to transfer often and try to do it at night when it doesnt rollback if possible. My character on official got all notes alpha ascension + bosses ill wait ppl to experience the transfer and see if they improved it before doing so tbh

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Now that Wildcard enabled transfers I've tested uploading 2 characters to the cloud and now I lost them, one of them with 102 with all the notes and bosses. Please help me to know what to do to recover them since now Tickets don't have option to recover characters.



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2 hours ago, ZioZeus said:

Lost my lvl 123 character with all bosses and note in the same way its not far


4 hours ago, NeoHoffmann said:

I had the same problem I lost 2 characters uploading them to the cloud


2 hours ago, yourgame said:

Lost 2 103 characters one with bosses.



guys, how dare you try transfers now? and with your main characters (with notes and bosses)???

it's "OBVIOUS" that it will be a MASSACRE OF LOST CHARACTERS!!

was buggy in ASE after years of fixes, let alone in ASA which took ten steps back in bugs...

We all know that you won't even be able to open a "Ticket" because WC hasn't opened a specific section yet (deliberately?) so if you don't you want to (be sure to) lose them:



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When server transfer released today I transferred my character from server 5303 to 5312 to make space for my other character with tek engrams to transfer from server 5377 to 5303 official PvE but unfortunately both characters where deleted as shown in linked video and both were lv 100 with TEK Engrams and owner of both tribes in both servers number 5303 and 5377 as shown in picture of emblem and video linked in youtube 

Youtube video : https://youtu.be/dj8b2yPKfJg?si=Y09jUv9Tx_NG4BWZ

Note : I did not find them in download surviver list at all or the servers I transferred to.

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Not fussed about any event at this point, would like access to the two characters i had in the cloud before i logged out for the night and the one I just put there this morning?
Submitting a ticket on this matter has been completely removed. Server rollback was not the cause, as they were stored way before that time and one of them was put in the cloud recently from my server hours after this rollback. 
Nobody cares about cosmetic mods or events when they cant get into their tribe on their main account. 
I see no WC response to any of the people that have experienced this, I suggest you make it the top priority to rectify this issue or face losing the entire Ark player base. Its sad to see the game going down like this. We expected issues but on matters as simple as character transfer where wildcard has done much testing in the past, that's terrible. 

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