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Looking for fun people to join our New RP server (ARK SE PC)


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Trashlandia is a new freeform casual RP server.
We do allow some tek although Medieval style is preferred.
We are a casual group. We believe in having fun above all else.
Our RP is meant for people who want a place to start out in RP'ing
A place to develop their character with like minded people. 
  !!!We use a whitelist!!!
Join our discord to find out how to get whitelisted
    You are a survivor from a destroyed civilization.
You have awoken in an untamed land, with no memory of who you are or where you came from.
This land is wild and dangerous. Full of savage mysteries. Glimmers of legends abound in every corner of the realm. 
You wonder, are you alone here?
Are there others? 
Did you come here alone? 
Have you always been here? 
Are you a misplaced soul from another land?
Are you a descendant of the once great people that ruled here?
Only time will tell. Discover who you are in Trashlandia RP.
Smalltribes server rates
2.0 × Taming
2.5 × Harvesting
2.0 × XP
0.5 × Mating Interval
2 × Maturation
2 × Hatching
1 × Cuddle Interval
1 × Imprinting

Leedsichthys have been removed from the map. (whales)

Map: Fjordur
Current Mod list:

Immersive Taming
Super Spyglass
Structures Plus (S+)
Eco's ARRRRP Decor
Eco's Garden Decor
akka's Interior Decor Structures
Castle, Keeps, And Forts Remastered
Medieval Structures
Automated Ark
Atlas Creatures: Felines
Eco Trees
Dino storage V2
Better Reusables
Dino Colourizer!
Simple Spawners


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