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Best boss running creature?

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5 hours ago, Lagonbreezey said:

So theres a lot of creatures that can be used for bosses, from the more traditional rexes to the more obscure ones like it being possible to use megaloceros on the dragon (don't faq check me on this I don't know what I'm talking about), but what do you think is the best boss running creature?

Hands down, therizino......Now Im not saying rex's can't, are not able, to do the boss's, however when it comes to the tek cave, its a heck of a lot easier to maneuver 15-20 theri's into the final boss arena.

With that said, when it comes to the alpha dragon, better have theri's with mutations and at LEAST 10 veggie cakes on each theri to help them get through the battle.

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18 hours ago, Lagonbreezey said:

but what do you think is the best boss running creature?

I agree with the above 2 posters. Overall, I like the Therizino best, no need to repeat the reasons they gave.

A couple of caveats:

1) Wild tek rexes can to up to Lvl 180 while therizinos only go up to 150. If you are dedicated to doing a lot of taming before you start breeding, you can get some pretty good stats by breeding a line of tek rexes. Personally, I still don't think this makes them better than theri's, but some people like the extra stats.

2) On most maps it's harder to find theri's than rexes, which means it can be harder to find theri's that are high level to begin your breeding program and you might need to spend more time looking for good theri's to tame that you would spend looking for rexes.

3) It takes longer to tame a theri than a rex, so more time up front for each individual animal that you tame.


With those things being said, if you are planning to do one really good breeding program and then use the results of that breeding program to do boss fights on multiple maps, I would go with theri's over rexes.

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8 hours ago, Noricha said:

Well I’m still on ASE, on the island map I would find Tek Rexes in the redwoods by the river.  They should be on ASA if it’s a copy of the original map, or were these things released later on? I wasn’t playing ASE from the very beginning.

Tek animals were released later on. Once they were released, they were retroactively added to previous maps, which is why you can find them on The Island.

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