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This isn't early access anymore... some bugs are unacceptable.


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On 1/10/2024 at 6:50 PM, BertNoobians said:

they used an old build , maybe even an older early access build of ark ase to port into the new engine, so we have all those bugs again that where previously fixed.

This certainly seems to be the case given how many regressed bugs there are .... the question would be why.   It is not the case that they decided to start ASA five years ago and they did not want to use the moving DLC/TLC code branches.   They did not even decide to do it until last year only after trying to write ARK 2 in UE5 and decided to move to something more familiar to learn UE5, so there is no reason they would use old code giving they own all the code that they certainly could have started with last years version of ASE.

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