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Looking 4 a tribe (yes, I don’t have friends :( )


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Hello everyone ARKERA is a modded pvp map in Fjordur ark survival evolved on steam that is looking to get some new recruits.
We have a huge selection of well balanced mods 29 in total i will attach the list below! It is free to play our server we have no micro payments. Really just want fun exciting people who atleast play on weekends.
Come join our discord to apply to join the server and let's kick some Dino butts!!!

Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/XDKpNvCMrF
My discord username: Tradeaverse#1861
Mod list:
Awesome spyglass
Additional lighting
Human npc’s
Auto engrams
Ultra stacks mod
Dino storage v2
Krackens better dinos
No untameables
Primal npc’s
Improved flyers
Medieval props
Cross genesis 1
Cross genesis 2
Sids hybrids
Scorched earth plus
Ark additions the collections
Cross abberation
Fjdour plus
Additional creatures 2 wild ark
Simple spawners
Ancient dragon and wyverns
Vanilla boss reworks
MHWMonster Hunter:World Mods
More kaiju
All arena
Alpha everything
Ark questlines v1.2
Combat trainer
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