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Hello! This server is intended for mature individuals.


Server is new and has the latest dinos.

Server rates are mostly 6x except for hatching, breeding, etc. which are much higher.

Debating on pvp on weekends with no offline raiding but that will be up to community.

Mods can be voted in by community if there are any of interest.


Rules are pretty standard which include but are not limited to...

-Carno island is off limits to building (taming structures are aloud but must be gathered)

-no foundation or pillar spamming (only build where you are building)

-taming structures are aloud but must be picked up after use or soon after to avoid littering the server with nonsense structures

-respect drop gathering (if someone is there first, don't be that guy)

-do not block resources or caves (there's no reason for it)
-This is a chill server so no hate speech of any kind 

-Respect each other and have fun😀





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