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Ark ASC Needed Fixes or will loose player base

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The Only Map is island so pearl Caves is and underwater is needed for Silica Pearls However tamed a tuso And hoped on just to start swimming and Every Dino in the ocean Agro's you. and you can't move once surrounded you are body blocked so my fresh tame insta dead because i can't move because the megalodon is inside my tame. preventing me from moving and the tuso then gets attacked by mulitple wild's and its wild that i spent 60$ for ark reskinned there is no improvements other then a few graphics changes it's like basically saying you bought a house with a broken toilet and you just just re paint it and call it fixed like i'm highly reccomend do not buy the game it's a waste of money.! The Developers/studio don't care about players just the pocket. it's wild and im outraged that i gave them another chance


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i'm not having the same experience you are.  i feel that there are a significant number of quality of life changes in ASA that are not in ASE.

my favorite addition is the dino tracker ability to add points of interest and track tames.  i use this to help locate dinos that have gone missing, a tribemate i'm trying to follow, and the direction back to my base or other location i've lft tames stored at.  the taming icon for torpor and effectiveness is very nice as well.  

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