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Community Crunch 386: Community Corner and More!


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The creativity and resourcefulness of Survivors, both old and new, as they find new homes on the Island has been truly inspiring. The content and experiences you've been sharing with us are, as always, beyond anything we could anticipate!

This week we tackled a number of bugs and exploits, including a fix for a bug where baby dinos were falling through the map.  We've made more progress towards increasing the performance and stability of servers, but our work there isn’t done yet.  We've also started to tackle some of the bugs we've seen reported across our various social platforms (thank you for your reports!).  Keep your eyes on patch notes to see some of those pesky bugs get zapped over the coming weeks!

We’re looking forward to seeing console survivors dive into ARK: Survival Ascended so stay tuned for more information on the ASA launch for Xbox next week!  To our Playstation Survivors, we’re urgently working with our partners and look forward to sharing a launch date as soon as we're able!




Fan Art Gallery | Screenshot Gallery | Artist Feedback Form

Help us discover your talent by tagging your art with #ARKPhotoMode or #ARKart on social media!




Cover Art by @XxStevieLad87xX



Creator: DAN Burtini

In this building tutorial, Dan shows you how to build a cozy riverside home.


Creator: Evo

Evo goes on the hunt for utility tames, but the ARK had other plans for him!



Baby Artemis the Deinonychus by BumpySlays22



Keeping warm with my Lover by EchidnaQuills



Sitting! by @ebiflyyyy4



Secret participation by @maMe_buDo



Compy insanity! by @TekARK_01



Diana and her Managarmr Jet by @ewo_zaur



Lightning Wyvern by MARYFIX




A little tropical island retreat by @Songbird_Gamer



Before the rain by @EgoSilentium



So pretty by @soapysoapp






Look out world by @Kiah0nFire



Enjoy your weekend!
Studio Wildcard

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A little reminder about a bug fix in progress, and how devoutly they've been working on getting consol ASA released >:) No info about creature vote or Dreadnoughtus dossier (I hope its going t be good with all this time put into it...).

Looks to me almost like they had nothing to show, so they whipped up a few pointless paragraphs for the Crunch.

Pretty much nothing here, so final Crunch Rank... 0/10.

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7 minutes ago, LAZARUS1981 said:

So servers crashing every 45 mins or 1 hour, abandoned structures getting refreshed every time the server spins up, UI crashes, random fatal crashes, dropping off of flying mounts when servers die, mesh, anti mesh, dinos going missing, death markers not showing etc... you call that progress? Get outta here.

GG nice comment :D


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