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What did you do in ASA today?


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On 3/19/2024 at 2:05 PM, prosans said:

in both evolved and ascended I think it should tell you the stats you got on your tame when its tamed

I feel the same way. As a single player player, I currently get this behavior by running the DumpDinoStats cheat on stuff I tame. Apparently, in the end game there are Tek Binoculars which give you that information, but I haven't unlocked them yet and will stop using the cheat once I do.

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23 hours ago, darcek said:

Farmed some Black Pearls on SE,when one guy kept stalking me,untill I found an Alpha Death worm.

Dude tried to ks it,then protested he only tried to "help" and im been unreasnoable and grumpy..

once some people saw me trying to get a max lv reaper on gen 2 and when I got it low with out light pet they came a killed it and they keeped doing it until a admin told them to stop  and this was in unoffical

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