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pve NA PVE Official - Mox Co - Recruiting for ASA PS5/XBOX Console Release!

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-PS5 is delayed until the end of the month, but we are still recruiting now with plans to start on the PS5/XBOX cross play servers at the end of November as we have members on both consoles waiting until then.


- We are a diverse group with different genders full of Helpful, Mature, Organized, Respectful, and Experienced Players. (Members with Over 8k Hours played or more since release) 




- Total Alpha Ascension on ASA.


- Build dream bases with long term retention and maintenance in mind.


- Acquire top stat tames across generations.


- Tribe First; we equip our members with the resources, equipment, and knowledge necessary to get the most out of their Ark experience.  


-Having a blast doing it, building relationships that extend to games outside of Ark.


__Who Are We __


-We all met by chance (through posts like this), so we think now is a time to meet other great members, by chance.


-If you are typically a lone wolf, we call that independence, and would like to welcome you to join a tribe that is made up of players just like you.  But we came together to progress faster, support each other as needed, and have fun on the journey.


-We have a major expectation of loyalty, so please no split loyalties, such as being a member of multiple tribes.


-We do not play cliques or favorites, so everyone is treated equally with a voice.


-We are willing to teach new players, we have members in training as you read this!




Age 25+ 

Mic (Stable Connection)

No Racism


__Please Message Me (@RockitRush) Or Respond To This Post - Including Your Info Below__


Preferred Name 

Hours Played or Bosses Completed in ASE


Time Zone/Availability

Goals for Ark

Preferred Role


Important - We are primarily on NA Official PVE Servers PlayStation 5, we will cross platform with Xbox, but we have no plans of cross platforming with PC or PVP.

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