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Arkman Server pvp X 10 fresh Wipe 6/1/17 Island


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UPDATED 6/1/17 :  Island Map ( for new Patch Stuff )


If you would like to Join The Official Arkman club, Join Arkman Server through xbox.


Admin Logging will be turned on: No Cheating will happen here!!!!

I will be the only admin on my server, and I will not participate in pvp, I will only do admin things, like get dinos unstuck, etc.


Server is 24/7



There are a few rules.

1.) No Artifact Cave building

2.) No Brontos (tamed due to lag they create)

3.) No building on obelisk's or on loot drop locations.

4.) If you get you're feelings hurt easily then this server is not for you. 


Human Gather Rate is x 10

Taming is x 25

Dino gather is x 2

Looking for Mature Players, who like to PVP! ( don't come if you are a sqeaker who cries all the time, I wont be bothered with squeakers )

If you get your feelings hurt when the following happens...... you or your dino's or your base gets attacked, then this is not the server for you.... fighting will happen.


This account is set up to run a dedicated server( PVP ) for Ark for the Xbox One platform. This server will run the entire length of the games life 24/7, and even after the official game comes out. I have an Xbox One specifically for this purpose. The server will have the following: x 15 Taming, x 20 xp, x 10 (human harvesting), .4- less food and water intake,Dino weight has been maxed to carry more stuff. The server will host the max amount of players and will be in EST(timezone). 

If you abuse the game ( build in a glitch, purposely try and crash the server, dupe, etc ) you will get banned.

Everything else is fair game!

Rules are subject to be added at any time,to preserve server longevity and fairness.

If you would like join this server/ have questions PLEASE ADD: Arkman admin : to your friends on xbox live and send me a message on live. This way you can quick join through my gamer tag and now have to worry with finding it through the Ark join list

Also if you would like to report a hacker to the  server admin please e-mail me,send a message on here, or message Arkman admin in game when you get the chance. arkmanserver@hotmail.com.

Thanks and have fun.... and survive!

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What do I think of the server?

I've been playing for 3 hours so far. Over my time on this  server there has been really nice players so far, really nice Admins. There is fast leveling really is a big YES! because this meaning we can get in to the PvP faster and not worry about the high level players. Taming is fast which is very good, allows us to get our dinos faster so we can use they for PvP. So far I would give this server a 8 out of 10. Keep up the work guys :)

See me in game "Trafford" come find me 


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