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Server crash at least every hour, when will it be fixd?


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So you guys got a clue whats the problem? Any idear how long it will take to fix it? Example server 9264 small tribes. Crash almost every hour, often less than an hour. How should we play and fly a Dino if our server can crash every second 😞

I kknow its early release and i am not crying. I just asking for some informations how long it will take to fix, days? Weeks?

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Servers are total dog poop.

They just transfered ASE servers to ASA.

My server(5203) gurntees crush every 15 min.

We get a great varity!

Crashes,Rollbacks,Rubber bandings,getting stuck in place and lags, I even go tkicked for losing connection and the awsome message"you cant log in cause your already logged in"

They will not fix this cause they dont know how to.And not willing to invest in new Servers.All they can do is add servers,cause less population in server more stable.

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