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Server Instability & Crashes - Mega Thread


Message added by Joebl0w13,

Please report official server outages or other issues using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

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44 minutes ago, Stumpy107 said:

I cannot find any of the pve modded servers that we're under the official tab since update.

I was on the eu pve modded server 107, but now cannot find it.

|Any sugestions?


25 minutes ago, Tytonius said:

My tribe and I would also like to know. So would some of us that paid for the premium mod map.


Have you already tried searching for them using the search box at the top right? This worked when the Servers were not showing up in the first few days after launch

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Can somebody please help me🥺I play on  NA PVE MODDED THEISLAND102 server and it’s been down along with the rest of the official modded servers since they took of Valentine event off and there’s no word or explanation on any of the Ark sources. It’s been down for days my babies and Dino’s are probably already dead and base might decay soon😢

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Would also like to know whats going on with official modded. 3 days and no info at all. Just some info regarding what is happening, literally anything at all would be appreciated. Even if its just oh there broken will take 2 weeks to be fixed i can deal with. No information what so ever on an OFFICIAL server is terrible. I really feel for the poor so and so's who purchased premium svart map who now own a map they cant even play on in an official setting.... 


On a side note i have my own dedicated server running all the same mods plus more of what the official modded server uses and it works perfectly fine so really whats the issue with the modded servers being down?

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Can someone help me? All the official modded servers have been down since they took of valentines event off. Can’t find it anywhere can’t look it up nothing. I’ve submitted tickets I’ve written on these forums and nobody seems to be replying or gave an answer. I don’t want to loose my stuff it’s been 4 days😣

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