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How Should Future Creature Votes Be Managed? 


Creature votes, a unique way of not just introducing more creatures into Ark Survival Evolved, but also promoting the community's ideas and suggestions. With Extinction's vote now over, will there be future creature votes for ASA in the meantime for Ark 2? If so, there are some benefits and negativities from each creature vote that should be noted for alterations or acknowledgment. Whether it be dealing with or finding a compromise to: the repeatability of certain creatures across multiple voting systems that impacts variability or block new entries, the discussion of certain abilities, influencer influence, blind posting, Apex and therapod stereotypes, PVE and PVP conflicting viewpoints, early votes receiving more attention, and the voting system being based on upvotes or bandwagons, rather than ideas, with some players suggesting that the voting counter should be hidden and the entire focus should be on the creature itself; rather than the votes.

These are the main problems associated with the Ark creature votes that have impacted not just the community's views of the overall system, but also how people participate in them. Some players want fantasy creatures being added, which should these be part of their own submission system when compared to prehistoric animals, rather than being blocked? What about clone creatures, or multiple alternating renditions of the same species of animal? While there are rules currently in place for the Ark creature voting system, how should they be dealt with? Should future voting systems focus on not just one spotlight creature, how about the top three, kind of like with Lost Island back in 2021 (the Carcharodontosaurus, Dinopithecus and Sinomacrops were all added).

Another detail would be influencers. Influencers have had their impacts on the creature submission system as well, impacting voting rates by some rigging votes with their "influence", this can be seen during the first creature vote with both Dinopithecus and Sinomacrops, causing lots of controversy in the process. Others on platforms like Youtube try to bribe or instigate viewers to vote for specific creatures, and downvote others. This happened with the Tanystropheus, Dire Otter, Sivatherium, Armadillosuchus, the Razanandrongobe, the Myotragus, Giant Bison, the Bastion Beetle and Gorgonopsis with upvotes and demands for inclusion, and others downvoting the Maevia Jumping Spider, Shastasaurus, Dinopithecus, Yi Qi and Rhyniognatha. Most of this comes down to the details mentioned above, with some influencers also go out of there way to vote for animals that might be considered the "worst" of the bunch.

In my opinion, influencers should be allowed to participate, but with the voting counter taken into consideration, influencers should not be able to rig creature votes with their "influence", preventing not just the community from having a say in inclusion of creatures, but also creating more problems, criticism and hate within Ark's community.

There are countless other topics to mention and describe, including the fantasy animals like golems, dragons, hydras, hippocampus, titans and elementals that could be added to Ark, or the stereotypes and the viewpoint of people upvoting for "Alpha" or food-chain dominate creatures. I personally have no say on the matter, rather if fantasy creatures could be added, how should these creatures be considered?

In conclusion, this is from both my own experience observing and participating with the creature voting systems and my team's ideas on how this system should be considered for the future.

I would like to hear your comments, suggestions and opinions on this topic.





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