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Mini map Raids for pve with rewards



I have a fun suggestion if Ark could create a mini map (pve) just your tribe or with alliance where other players can come to the mini map server and raids for loot.if they lose your tribe gets the loot if they win they get the plunder.loot will automatic downloaded to a tek pod structure back in your servers. Players get to see the strength lvl of base defense.they get to show a 10sec glimpse of bases to raid. 50 bases shown on a display map server.So you choose defend base or  go raiding. limit time of raid 1 time every 24hrs.15 mins timer given to raid.if a base got raided a timer will be given for repair.players can choose environment condition and limit number of structures weapons and dinos for raid and defending base example 5 dinos per dino. Player get to transfer stuff to rebuild base in mini map from normal pve servers.i believe this will make an  Ark experience more fun to play.Thank you wild Card.

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