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Do Single Player Saves Cross Over To ASA?

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3 hours ago, TheTyrantKing said:

I mostly play single player and I reckon I was close to fighting the boss on the lost island map before I stopped playing. I just needed to tame another high level rex and breed an army. Will my single player progress from evolved cross over to ascended?

Even though they're really the same game, WildCard is pretending that they're not. Nothing from ASE will be useable in ASA, your single player ASE game will only exist in ASE, not in ASA.

Having said that... if you have two computers, or if you have enough disk space on your computer, you might be able to have ASE and ASA both installed, and copy files from ASE to ASA. Maybe, maybe not, I don't know.

But really there's no reason for you to buy ASA. Your single-player copy of ASE will continue to work, so you can finish the game in ASE if you want to. WildCard is shutting down the Official network for ASE, but unofficial/private servers and single-player will continue to work for ASE.

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