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14 hours ago, Torkkar said:

its actually Natural Medicine Herbal medicine means a single or multiple PLANTS are used in the medicine while Natural Medicine can contain Animal organs, Liquid Tissues, and even Excrement.

secondly Japan still has a thriving Whale meat Market its their Pork, think from their view Pigs if they escape can Devastate an ecosystem look at Australia's Feral Pigs Japan being smaller would rather limit their Ranching to the Kobe Region, so for them Whales are an Economical food stuff they require NO LAND to raise, no FOOD to grow, and no BREEDING by human hands, and the Meat is rather nutritious for humans and the o8il is used for other purposes than lamp oil.

now I'm not in favor of hunting Whales I'd do the same as the guy I'm quoting I'm saying get your terminology and the reasons right when you say to hate something. the more you know eh? :3

Thank you for the correction but if the uk can contain its pigs then Japans only problem is been too lazy an stubborn to change it's ways.

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now you guys will have to add more fish and give us something to do with the fish we catch.... Aquarium anyone?

Oo! Can we at some point have the ability to convert screenshots into little hangable photos like that one? Or maybe a Polaroid item in game? Would be really cool to hang little memories on the walls.

Now all we need is a Fishing Trophy Base for our biggest catches. I've seen some nice looking 3x Coel that'd look nice on my wall

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2 hours ago, Plumptrout1 said:

Can you guys add some salmon or any other fish to the new beautiful river in the redwood biome that goes through the ruins? I'd love to fish for running salmon. Thanks guys for all the hard work love the new biomes. Ark is life!

There are sabertooth salmon that show up in the waters of the redwoods.

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