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Ark Survival Ascended's Limited Engrams and New Player Experience

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On 9/14/2023 at 11:05 AM, Dreadcthulhu said:

Ah, but having a large enough base to trigger those attacks would be optional; simply build a more compact base and you don't have to worry about event creatures coming to attack it, would just need the normal anti-wild creatures defenses you do now.  Tribes could choose if they wanted to deal with the challenge.  

If you want to make PvE more dangerous for yourself because you think the game isn't dangerous, there are plenty of ways to do it.

* Don't ever trade with other players/tribes. You're only allowed to have things if you can farm it, tame it or get it yourself.

* Choose to avoid taming flyers no matter what map you're on. If you have to do everything in ARK overland, the game is more challenging.

* Choose to avoid taming harvesting animals like doeds, anky's etc.

* Choose to refuse to learn certain advanced engrams that make you more powerful and make the game easier. No rifles, shotguns, no mining drills, etc. When you have to fight everything in the game with a pike, crossbow and longneck rifle I can assure you the E will become more dangerous.

* Choose to avoid using blueprints. Play the entire game with equipment from the engrams that you learn. Even if you loot drops and take items from the drops, don't ever repair them. Let's say you find an advanced longneck rifle. Allow yourself to use it until it breaks, then throw it away.

* Don't ever make fences, walls or gates for your base. If all of your dinos are constantly outside and potentially vulnerable, I guaranteed your base will get attacked by wandering dinos more often.

* Also, don't use cryopods. If you force yourself to keep all of your dinos out side, unprotected by gates and walls, then you will always have to be aware of the environmental threats to your herd.


There are plenty more ideas, of course, but you get the idea. It's really easy for you to make PvE more dangerous for yourself if that's what you want.

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42 minutes ago, MMaas said:

The thing is: We don't know.
Are we getting The Island as it once used to be or do we get The Island as it is today?
Have not seen any clarification about the questions regarding this and the question about engrams is going around for quite a while by now.

In my opinion they are not going to rollback the game to 7 years ago.... 

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