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solo pvp How to make Official PVP enjoyable for Solo Players and Small Tribes again



It is not surprising that a lot of players don't have much time to play on PVP, these players often get raided and forced to start from the ground up, resulting in them leaving the game.

I would like to propose a solution wich will not only solve this problem, but it also may cause a large migration of PVE players onto the PVP servers, improving the overall experience on both, PVE and PVP servers (Less and More players per server respectively).

The solution I propose is this:

To make a "special inventory" mechanic (Quantities may vary, but for me this would work):

0-5000 slots per character, up to 5000 slots per tribe, this can be either: 

1 Player with 5000 slots
2 Players with 2500 slots each
5 Players with 1000 slots each 
10 players with 500 slots each 
50 players with 100 slots each
100 players with 50 slots each

The owner of the tribe should be able to see what other members have on their "special inventory" and adjust the amount of slots for each member (never surpassing the 5000 tribe limit or leaving unused slots) this feature will make mega tribes unable to raid any small tribe, and prevent solo players and small tribes from losing anything of value

For this to work, all tribes must be recognized in all servers (Once you join a tribe, even if you move to another server you are still part of that tribe).


This "special inventory" should have a 24 hour refresh delay ONLY after leaving a tribe (So no one on a big tribe can leave while being raided and make a new tribe to get 1000 slots) 

It also should be:

- Unable to be raided
- Easily accessible (no obelisks, terminals or transmitters) preferably accesible from our own inventory
- Expiration time free (so you can leave your stuff there for months if necessary)
- A place where time stops (No cryopods discharging or fertilized eggs spoiling) 
- IP and Hardware ID based (so no one can exploit it with multiple characters or accounts)


Hopefully this can be implemented on ARK Ascended, that would be the icing of the cake.

Greetings to all the members of Studio Wildcard, thank you for your hard work

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