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pvp ADDICT - Simulation to train PvP for ARK Ascended (1.5)


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As you can see from the title, this is a server specially created to warm up/train for ARK Ascended (1.5)

- Only The Island
- Rates: x8 / x16 week-ends
- Vanilla + (Very few things have changed)
- 1 farm server (Build not allowed, to give everyone a chance to farm)
- 1 event server, (to organize events)

Next wipe : Friday 29 September

1 main server will be launched only, if we fill the server to 70 or even 50, and all spots are taken, and the community requests an additional server, then it will be opened, we have a very large machine where we can open 8 additional servers.

No pay to win, the only thing we have is a VIP system, and all VIP's money will be reinvested in renewing the host, and buying plugins/mods.

Join our discord https://discord.com/invite/Qu9x8kqNtz
Our Website : https://ark.addictservers.ovh/

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