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Corythosaurus casuarius (the mighty and loudly hadrosaurus)



Hello fellas, today i'm going to present you an extraordinary and amazing dinosaur:




Corythosaurus casuarius



"The wasteland is one of the most hostile places, if not the most hostile, of earth. Even with the large number of corrupted creatures Corythosaurus Casuarius has been able to adapt and survive in the wasteland. The key to its survival seems to be its many-chambered crest, which allows it to emit a variety of sounds at different frequencies for different purposes, such as defending oneself or communicating with others of their kind."


"Taming Corythosaurus Casuarius is like bonding with a budgie, you need patience for it to gain trust with you. However, it has the temperament of a cassowary, so you must be careful when you you get close to Corythosaurus Casuarius (worth the redundancy). Contrary to popular belief, Corythosaurus is not a timid and elusive hadrosaur, it's more like a born warrior able of standing up to even corrupted creatures. Its roars are able of helping allies, calming hostile creatures and even nullifying their abilities, as it turns out that it emits a thunderous chant that it prevents other creatures use their abilities or even roar back to it".


What corythosaurus can do?

Corythosaurus has this following skills:

  • Alternate between walking on two legs or running on four legs (such as Iguanodon already do in the game)
  • Has 3 types of roars:
  1. Melodic roar or melodic singing: Corythosaurus emits a chant that removes aggro from creatures (including most corrupted creatures) Also causes all allied creatures to roar with it (such as Rex and Yutyrannus).
  2. War cry or war roar: Corythosaurus emits a cry that boosts the strength, resistance and speed of allied creatures, perfect for elemental raids or OSD waves.
  3. Stoic roar or nullifying Roar: Corythosaurus emits a roar that can nullify any ability of any creature, such as Yutyrannus roars, managarmr's ice breath, snowl owl's healing, wyvern's breath, etc).


  • Element nodule detector: 

More information coming soon...







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