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Introducing Pristinailurus, The Giant Red Panda Tank!



Extinction submission Pristinailurus.jpg

Intro- Hello everyone! This is  Pristinailurus Bristoli, a large carnivorous ancestor of the modern-day red panda. The real-world  Pristinailurus was much larger than the red panda but was thought to have a weaker bite. I gave the Pristinailurus details close to the Gacha, because I envision it living within the Sunken Forest and experiencing whatever similar evolution that the Gacha underwent. The main use this creature would have is to be a turret/bullet soaker, and an overall menace of a tank all the while protecting the rider!


Dossier Text

Wild-  Pristinailurus Bristoli, more commonly known as the Ailurus, is usually a docile and calm creature when left unprovoked, although Ailurus is a carnivore and will hunt smaller, less aggressive prey. (Humans aren't on the menu this time!) The Ailurus seems to have rocky "scales" covering their bodies as evolutionary defense mechanisms to protect against predators that get a little too confident in Ailurus's calm nature, or smaller prey that fights back.  As far as resilient creatures go, you can't get more resilient than the Ailurus!

Domesticated- Although this creature might not have the strongest bite, a tamed Ailurus in an invaluable tank to any tribe wishing for a reliable source of protection. Their damage-reducing rock armor will protect creature and rider alike by heavily reducing damage from projectiles and preventing dinos like Dimorphodon or Purlovia from singling out the rider! Attacking creatures soon realize they have taken on a harder target than initially thought, as the protective rock scales knock back creatures who try to take a bite, leaving them with rock "splinters" that increase damage dealt to them. The Ailurus is also proficient at climbing up cliffs and trees, and can sniff out uncommon resources like sap, fungal wood, and various mushrooms that wouldn't normally be found in trees or bushes!


Ability Breakdown- 

-Reduced damaged from projectiles and heavy protection from bullets.

-Prevents dismounting or rider-targeting from dinos like Microraptor, Dimorphodon, etc.

-Knocks back creatures that attack.

-Leaves Rock Splinters on attacking dinos, debuffing them by increasing damage dealt to them.

-Can climb cliffs and trees (much like the real-world red panda).

-Can gather sap, fungal wood, and various mushrooms from bushes that wouldn't normally produce them.



Thank you all for reading and I hope you like my creature idea! Please consider voting for it!


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