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Introducing Gojirasaurus, Titan Incarnate!

Blast apart foes with beams of corrupt-powered energy and violent eruptions of power. Support your forces by heading them into battle and recovering even their deadliest wounds in the heart of combat!

Note: Please take a look over the entire dossier before you come to a decision, there may be something you don't like or something you think could be improved or maybe you think its perfect, feedback in the comments would be massively appreciated!

Real Life:

Common Name: Gojirasaurus

Species: Gojirasaurus Titanus (Origionally the species is Gojirasaurus Quayi however  changed this to account for the changes to the creature, like how the Raptor was changed to Utahraptor Primus)

Time Period: Triassic

Diet: Carnivore (Gastrolith)

Temperament: Aggressively Territorial

Real life depiction:




The Corrupted monsters of this earth get no stranger than the Gojirasaurus Titanus, adorning it in flowing veins of pure energy it can expel to deadly effect. it stands upright in a posture not unlike its distant Raptor cousins, but much larger, marking shoulders with the Megalosaurus. Unlike other carnivores, Gojirasaurus feeds primarily on crystallised sap and gems found rarely among dead trees, alongside a craving obsession for sulphur-infused water from its habitat. The minerals in these materials combine with a corrupted trait from its bloodstream, lighting the substance into fiery energy, pulsating through its veins. The marks left by their veined feet leave explosive pads of this substance, and when its stomps down in rage, the blast is almost nuclear. In fact the alterations run so deep through its biology that its mouth has developed into what appears like a barrel from advanced firearms. I've seen the beast release beams of red flaming energy from its mouth, tearing through an entire pack of corrupted dinosaurs in an instant, like something out of the old movies. 


I once heard tales of a daring group of survivors who attempted to domesticate a Gojirasaurus. They approached silently while the creature rested and vented heat from its open wide maw, attempting to feed it the flesh of corrupted dinosaurs it seems to constantly hunt down within its territory. I'm told the affect was rather the opposite, transforming the Gojiasaurus into an uncontrollable corrupted monster, that tore through them with swarms of corrupt creatures surging to its aid. Perhaps if they were to have survived and attempted to cure the infection, the beast might have succumbed to their will. I can only fear how deadly its abilities would be in combat against any threat that came to face its master. Reminiscent perhaps of the colossal titans its name derives from. 

Tamed Abilities: 


  • Primary (Left ClickR2RT) : Regular melee that varies depending on direction faced;
    • Front- Wide bite that deals high damage but is slow;
    • Sides- Claw swipe that has good reach with medium damage and knockback;
    • Back- Stomp that has good reach, dealing high damage and knockback.
      • All sides except back can be used while running and chain with tail attack. Bite Marks enemies for 10 seconds of  Gojirasaurus projectiles homing onto them
  • Secondary (Right Click, L2, LT) : Initiates crosshair for energy attacks that consume energy substance pressing once releases a ball of energy that explodes on contact but travels fast and deals medium damage, consuming little substance and homes onto marked enemies. Holding will slow Gojirasaurus to a crawl but unleash a wide beam of energy with long reach dealing DOT damage to enemies and buffing allies, Consuming substance and stamina quickly. Both energy attacks change drastically on different substance consumption. Substance can be chosen via a scroll wheel by holding (F key, Square, X) :
    • GREEN Sap/Gems: Heals tamed creatures and decreases Health regen of enemies. However deals the lowest DOT damage of all four. Mainly for support
    • BLUE Sap/Gems: Speed boosts tamed creatures and Slows down enemies. Deals medium DOT damage. Mainly for debuffing for other beams
    • RED Sap/Gems: Ignores tamed creatures and applies a light burn to enemies. Deals high DOT damage. Mainly for offence
    • CORRUPT NODULES: Ignores tamed creature and Reduces damage reduction of enemies AND applies light burn. Deals the highest DOT damage. Mainly for POWER BUT comes with a cost... a 'Corruption bar' appears that fills as corrupt nodules are used and gradually goes down over time like an overheat.  If the 'Corruption bar' is filled the rider is Kicked off and the Gojirasaurus transforms into its Corrupt state, attacking anything nearby with corrupt energy. This lasts 45 seconds at which point the Gojirasaurus transforms back to normal affected with cryo sickness. During its Corrupt state it is Extremely Powerful, so it can be used wisely. 
  • Tertiary (C key, R3, Joystick) Vents out heat and regains stamina faster by erupting projectiles from its spines carpet-bombing in a cone in front of it, that deal low damage but induce gem effects. Homes into marked enemies.
    • HOLDING DOWN the key instead charges a huge stomp as energy rushes to the feet, causing a large explosion that damages the Gojirasaurus and the rider slightly but large damage and knockback to enemies/allies alongside gem induced effect. Consumes a large amount of substance and initiates a ten second period of fast stamina regen where energy attacks can't be used and movement is slowed - also expels the full 'Corruption bar'. For a last ditch effort to expel threats
  • Tail Attack (X key, R1, RB) Tail whip attack that hits around back and to the side like a stego, high damage and knockback but cant be used while running and is slow. Can chain with Primary attacks. 
    • HOLDING DOWN the key charges a tail wave of energy power that pierces and travels further the longer it is held. Inflicts gem effects on allies/enemies it passes through and deals medium damage and knockback but consumes a large amount of substance. For clearing the field
  • Rush Mode (Space bar, X, A) : Activates Rush Mode while sprinting, increasing speed, reducing stamina consumed, consuming substance, creating footprints of gem energy in its wake and granting tek boots affect and letting it grapple over low surfaces similiar to Megalania climbing on the ground. NOTE: It cannot climb surfaces, only grapple over terrain that isn't any higher than itself. For leading the charge
    • GREEN Sap/Gem: Heals creatures that follow the prints
    • BLUE Sap/Gems: Speed boosts creatures that follow the tracks to the speed of Gojirasaurus. Similiar to Tropeo slipstream
    • RED Sap/Gems: Damages creatures that follow the tracks as they explode beneath them
    • CORRUPT NODULES: Damages and slows down creatures that follow the tracks. Slowly builds the aforementioned 'Corruption Bar'

Other Abilities:

Hydration Bar Upkeep: Gojirasaurus has a 'Hydration' bar similar to a Morellatops that must be filled with water to keep it alive. When it has sulphur in its inventory, putting it near water or providing water via canteens and the like will fill its Hydration bar and keep the energy flowing through its veins. Letting the bar drop to 0 will disable all energy abilities and begin to damage the Gojirasaurus, dealing more and more DOT until it dies. This upkeep can be taken care of by housing it out of cryopods near a water tap, and gives a penalty for housing such a powerful beast. You can also keep filled canteens or water holders in its inventory so it can keep itself pumping energy.

Venting: Gojirasurus can be commanded to vent its heat and sit down while unridden. This will regain stamina and health much faster than regular and maybe will also effect the nearby area like an air conditioner. Also it looks cool 

Gathering: Gojirasaurus is no brilliant gatherer, only getting limited resources from corpses and rocks. Its Primary attacks can gather meats and corpse loot alongside a gathering of Raw Salt straight from the creatures bones as the pure energy in its mouth breaks them down. It can gather small amounts of thatch from trees and berries with its tail attack, but mainly the tail attack gathers large amounts of sulphur from rocks and crystalised sap from trees.


To begin taming you need to wait for one to lie down and open its mouth to vent out heat. At this point approach carefully with ghille and you can feed it a full stack of corrupted nodules to transform it into its Corrupt State. This is a mini-boss alike the Reaper Queen that calls in corrupted dinos to help it, including an Enraged creature when its health/torpor is low.  Dealing damage to it also builds up torpor, if your damage output is inconsistent it will recover torpor and lose health. If it dies the taming will end. Taming effectiveness increases the more corrupted creatures you kill during the fight alongside feeding. When it goes down, its corruption will detonate away, killing all nearby corrupted creatures and transforming it back to normal to begin feeding. 

ALTERNATIVELY it can be fed a titan head trophy while venting, which instead will transform it for only 20s of time which you must survive then it will be knocked out with full effectiveness. This is to make mass taming easier and for PvP players who are unable to do a huge fight in unclaimed territory

It must be fed Gems or Crystalised sap as its kibble, Red being best and Green being worst. It can also be fed sulphur or flint or rocks instead and will continue to eat only sulphur, flint, stone, and meats for healing once it is tamed.   

To Conclude:

Thank for reading my suggestion for Gojirasaurus! My aim for this creature was to create a battle beast to bring on the Titans and OSDs around Extinction. My ideas may be a little over the top and probably very Overpowered in the game, but I think the OG finale deserves a creature as powerful as Gojirasaurus. I'm mainly a PVE player, so any PVP heads out there, what do you think of my ideas? I tried to bear its utility in mind, being not just a walking lazer gun, but able to heal, speed boost and lead tames around combat. The taming method is challenging to compensate for its abilities and also because we need more interesting taming methods in the game overall. Do bear in mind not all of what you see here will make it if the creature actually comes into the game, its only inspiration. All that aside, I hope you would like to vote for my suggestion and have a Great rest of your Day!

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