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Tupuxuara The Aerial Weapon of Extinction and The Corruption Adapter




Hello everyone, in this forum I'm submitting a creature in a tier that hasn't won from any of the other recent creature submissions, Introducing the Tupuxuara, The aerial weapon of extinction,and The Corruption adapter.



Tupuxuara is a large genus of crested and toothless pterodactyl that lives in the early Cretaceous around 125 - 112 million years ago on what we now know as the Romualdo Formation of the Santana Group, Brazil.


In the desolate plains of the map filled with corruption, Tupuxuara seems to be the only one who has adapted to the side effects thus becoming "immune" from corruption to their mind, They can be found anywhere but the shivering snow biome, they're seen to be a neutral creature however quickly turning aggressive at the smell of corrupted parts, because of its adaptation against the corruption, it isn't uncommon to see it destroying every corrupted creatures it saw and maybe other creatures along the way even if they can't take that much of a beating themselves, unlike other pterosaur in here, it has a habit of picking people up that provoked them to the sky and dropping them in high altitude to kill them, luckily just a punch can stop it from holding you up and cause it to drop you earlier,both the female and male Tupuxuara can be differentiate from a mile away, Females tend to have a larger and have a more numb crest while the males has a smaller and more sharper crest with more added color than that of the females.



The Adapter: killing corrupted creatures allows it to be more adapted to the corruption more for a period of time, Killing more corrupted creatures allows it to gain more adaptation and thus making it stronger against corrupted creatures/corrupted areas, however if the it's adaptation is too much it can enter to its Fury of Corruption state (will be explained what it is in Taming process ), Unable to increase the adaptation if The Corruption Defuser is activated.


The Corruption Defuser: their adaption to the corruption causes it to developing an ability where it could emit waves from it's large crest that can't be felt or hear but it does have an effect to nearby corrupted creatures making them in a seemingly exhausted state being slower, weaker, and "calmer" but also weaken corrupted parts to take more damage , however this adaptation only can be done specifically by the Females and the Males unfortunately doesn't have this adaptation.


Streamlined:In exchange over the Corruption Defuser, males have a lot more movement freedom than the females able to move diagonally in place,backwards and turning 360° degrees in one spot, Their most added ability from this it's when it performed a streamlined ability, this ability allows it to basically glide in the air stopping stamina use while still able to fly in the air, it can't get any air however in this state and will slowly fall down if it doesn't perform any manouver or returning back to it's flying stage.






Female saddle:The female saddle provide a bomb stash that resembles that of a bomber in the real world, The stash can hold bombs such as:


Poison grenades

Smoke grenades 

Sticky bombs

Proximity mines

Plant Species X

Oil jar (Increase damage to burning creatures)

Each ammo can be hold in a quantity of 30 Max.

Male Saddle:The males saddle provides simple pistols in each wings but can be upgraded to fabricated pistols in the fabricator,The weapons can only be shot when the Streamlined ability is activated.


Both female and male Tupuxuara can be put an attachment onto their crest known as "the detector",The attachment acts as a helmet for the Tupuxuara and can be used to collect waves of elements from an orbital drop to determine every blueprints that are inside the orbital drop,while putting the attachment to female Tupuxuara can detect every single blueprints in an orbital drop, the males can only detect 75% of the blueprints because of their crest size, when putting the attachment to a Female Tupuxuara it will be unable to use the Corruption Defuser ability until the attachment is worn off.



Taming the flying aerial weapon for the map is similar to that of gambling for lottery tickets, First is to get close with one while having a corrupted heart in your inventory allowing it to smell and detect the danger of it, second step is to allow it to pick you up and once you're in the air, feed it the corrupted heart which overload it's mind and cause it to drop you, now this is where it gets the "gambling" part, when it drops you 3 things can happened to it.


The first is where the corruption from the heart overloaded it's mind to an extent where it knocked the Tupuxuara out to be tamed the normal way, This is likely happening to weaker Tupuxuara however stronger ones makes this the most unlikely to happen.


The second and most likely to happen is the brain of the Tupuxuara is just knocked sideways in which where it would act like your typical Tapejara,A passive creature that runs in sight of a player/danger,in this state you will need to sneak it up and feed it meat such as mutton,prime meat, etc in order to tame it.


The third and last one is where the Tupuxuara goes in a state usually called as "The Fury of Corruption", This state goes around for 30 seconds where the Tupuxuara become an insanely aggressive creature, attacking everything from foes to allies having a massive damage increase and an especially Massive damage increase to corrupted creatures, It's Resistance is also increased aswell as its speed, aggro radius, and The chances it picking you up, and when it does pick you up,The only way to escape is by killing the Tupuxuara but good luck doing that before it kills you first.



Let's say you were able to tame a Tupuxuara,what is it's uses, well for starter it's a flier of course meaning you can traverse the map way easier and faster than land creatures, it's streamline ability allows it to stay in the air for a long period of time save from the monsters in the ground,They can be an excellent creature to use for drop pods and element veins mission as they deal increased damage to corrupted creatures while also being an agile creature, they can also be a great creature to use for taming the lesser Titans as their ability can weaken the corrupted nodes and made it at least faster for you to tame the titan,and the detector attachment can let you to know if a orbital drop have a blueprint you want without doing every single orbital drop to try and get it,and their respective saddle can be both fun to play with and possibly useful in some fights you'll do in PvP



•Fabricated sniper

The fabricated snipers can deal tons of damage to the Tupuxuara while still keeping it's distance, considering the health pool of the Tupuxuara will be around the same of that of the Tapejara,it might not take long for a fabricated snipers to kill a Tupuxuara in it's self.

•Fire arrows

When the Tupuxuara's highly adapted to the corruption it can also develop it's weakness and that is fire, Fire deals more damage to the Tupuxuara the higher it's adapted to the corruption


Both the basic Saddle have a weakness that can be exploited, for the female saddle, when it opens the bomb stash it's possible to shoot it and cause whatever it's supposed to drop exploded on the Tupuxuara itself,The effects to the Tupuxuara depends on the ammo that was supposed to be dropped.

Grenades,sticky bombs, and proximity mine:Explode on site damaging both the Tupuxuara and rider.

Poison Grenades:Deals torpor to the rider.

Plant species X:Blinds the rider and unable to use any attack methods and abilities.

Oil jar:Slows the Tupuxuara down while being covered in oil, able to be ignited with enough firepower such as bullets from guns or fire arrows for more fire damage.

While the male saddle is more harder to exploit, you can shoot it's gun in it's wings if you're precise enough and cause it to be detached from the saddle causing the Tupuxuara to lose one of its weapon, you can also pick it up if you want to.

The detector attachment can be shot off aswell.


One of the reasons of why I Choose the Tupuxuara specifically is because no fliers have won the creature vote for ASA/Ark Survival Ascended,the closest we got for a fliers that wins is the Yi Ling for abberation and the only true fliers that has ever come close to winning is the hatzegopterus for the center, Considering extinction is a huge map and the low abundance of fliers,well fliers that existed in the real word on the map at least,I think a flier should fit for the map perfectly with many spots to explore with it that otherwise can't with land creatures, and it really wouldn't hurt for another flier that can pick you up, Right?.


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