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hello everyone, this is the firsty animal made by me and my brother , we thought that given the presence of the horse and the sheep, why not include the pig as well?

Here is the dossier of Sus: Ark's first real pig


Although it is not specified in the dossier, Sus's domestication method is passive, it is advisable to feed it with longrass and savoroot (its favorite foods) with these foods he will be drawn to you and be tamed more easily, otherwise he will be more guarded; when domesticated it will eat anything (including rotten meat,chitin and feces )

As mentioned in the dossier, the secondary ability of Sus is to able to emit a high-pitched squeal; this deafening screech causes domesticated creatures to be temporarily deaf and thus unresponsive to their masters' whistles and commands.

The most vulnerable individuals are mammoth, for in additions to suffering these effects they can go mad and attack everything in the vicinity (including their allies)

In addition to being able to harvest crops, this animal uses its sense of smell to identify all resources nearby

Just as with the Equus, the Sus can also be ridden with or without a saddle,with the saddle equipped it has additional protection against damage sustained and protects the rider from damage sustained against other pigs

Again to quote the dossier, Sus if it is fed longrass and savoroot increases its fat mass, when it is in this state it loses stamina faster and moves slower, however the advantage consists that after being slaughtered you get more meat and skin than normal (if you want to make it slim just feed it with rockrot)

Unlike mutton (considered the best meat for carnivores) pork is the best meat for human consuption (if this meat were fed to carnivores it would have the same effect as normal raw meat) it can be cooked directly or be processed in the butcher's counter in order to obtain different cuts with unique properties


Here are all the cuts of meat than can be obtained from pork

  • Sausages: increases health regeneration
  • Ham: increases recovery and decreases stamina consuption
  • Pork cheek: decreases oxygen consuption (useful for short dives)
  • Shank: satianes more than other cuts and decreases hunger
  • Lard: decreases water consuption
  • Ribs: allow you to carry more weight for a limited time
  • Cup: increase melee damage
  • Cotechino: increases running speed
  • Salami: increases crafting skill
  • Bacon: increases fortitude
  • Meatballs: decreases the effectiveness of torpor (useful if you are in danger of being bitten by some animal that inflicts torpidity)
  • Porchetta: has little more effect for the domestication of carnivores

Please vote the Sus for Extinction, thanks


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