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Best 5 starter dinos


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5. Raptor

4. Parasaur

3. Trike

2.  Carno

1. Pteradon

The Raptor is a decent fighter and is very easy to tame, Benefits a lot from how easy it is to tame because of pack boost.

Parasaur is okay starter for berry gathering, but becomes better with it's detection, scare-roar and high weight.

Trike is better Parasaur, much better fighter but no further utility.

The Carno is my favourite starter fighter, rather easy to tame and extremley good fighter. Will need a trap if you don't want to die during taming though.

Pteradon, the first flyer. It's just a game changer, get as soon as possible.

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On 8/30/2023 at 10:11 PM, hazman131 said:

What is the best first 5 dinos in ark? 

The best first 5 dinos in ARK are the first 5 dino's you can get, no matter what they are.

If you think it's super important to tame a raptor, and that means you pass up an opportunity to tame a decent mid-to-high-level baryonyx, that's a mistake.

If you think it's super important to tame a parasaur, and that means you pass up on the opportunity to tame 5 dodo's and start collecting eggs, that's a mistake.

If you think it's super important to tame a... well, you get the idea.

Any discussion about "the best first" thing to do in ARK is a misguided discussion.


ARK is about making progress and being as flexible as possible while you do it. What you don't want to do is get fixated on "this is what I have to do next" and cause yourself to miss other opportunities. Let's say you're flying around on an argy looking for a rex to tame, you land to get stamina and you accidentally discover an explorer's note, which means you have boosted XP for the next 5 minutes. In that case, you stop looking for rex's for 5 minutes and kill everything you possibly can to take advantage of the XP boost for 5 minutes, then you go back to looking for rex's. Be flexible, stay flexible.

I've been in a tribe where the tribe leader said, "We need to find 6 rex's at level 130-150 so we can begin our breeding program", and then for the next three days we had 6 people just looking for nothing but rex's. We had terrible luck, we found almost nothing but low level rexes. It took three days for 6 people to finally find 6 good rex's so we could begin breeding. And then the very next day we tamed 3 Lvl 150 rex's that improved the HP, Stam and Melee stats of our breeding pool, which means that the previous 3 days were almost entirely wasted time.

You can't force ARK to give you what you want, you need to take advantage of every opportunity when it comes your way. Don't think about "the best", instead think, "What do I need to do so I can be ready for any opportunity?" For example, building a taming trap in an area that spawns multiple species is much more useful than trying run around or fly around looking for each of those species one-at-a-time. Having a taming trap means that any good dino which falls into your trap is ready for you to tame. Trying to look for a specific A, B or C is a waste of your time and causes lost opportunities.

Be flexible, stay flexible, there is no best first anything.

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Depends.... Id go Crystal Wyvern Argentavis maybe a ankylo, but you could go mining drill.... Parasaur is actually a good early game herb if you need it, but with the dinos I listed you dont really need it. This can get swapped around also depending on the map. If i was to put another one it would be a mantis but its kind of mid game ish to me. This would be crystal isles. Also it really don't this isnt a farming game ur supposed to be in a big tribe or just pvp if ur small because you will get no where on officiall unless you abuse cheating or genesis. 

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to a small degree i side with Pipinghot on this.  getting too focused on "i must tame x dino next" can be bad.  but also i don't think that you need to stop what you're doing to tame something just because it shows up and you're prepared to tame it.  

early in my play i would tame dozens of things because i was able to, but then even just a day or two later i found i had dozens of dinos sitting around that i never used.

i should caveat with "for my playstyle" i believe that less is more.  i find that by not taming much i'm able to progress faster towards my objectives.

my first tame: something i can use to help kill dinos to help gather hide.  typically this ends up being a dilophasaur.

my second tame: something i can ride. i want this early so it's pretty much limited to a Parasaur.

at this point i build a raft for a small base that is mobile and i head to where i can tame an argentavis.

bothering with  anything else just feels like a delay taming something i won't end up doing anything with. 

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Lol I made an account to reply to this post.

Depends on where you are. For instance on the island I usually go 

1 ichthyosar

2 parasaur

3 sarco

4 spino

5 baryonyx

Might sound weird but spinos are not that hard to nab if low level and even though you are not going to be able to ride it it will be useful. (This is especially true on Abby)

But right off the hop ichy's can open up a lot of the map and the saddle is really low level. Just try to make sure you can saddle I as soon as you tame because cnidaria suck. (Ichy can also net you a basil fairly easy even without scuba gear).

Also I find it fairly easy to punch out sarco by punching them in the hip. Works great if yer silly like me and start in the bog biome in gen 1

Honorable mention goes to pulminoscorp. So easy to have rotten meat. 


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Moschops (passive tame in beach areas, no saddles - Level HP and DPS, they are better then they seem)

Ankylosaurus  (easy to get on herbo island, get a low level until you have the kibbles)

Doedicurus (must have to build, same as anky, get a low level until you have kibbles)

Baryonyx (best all around mid-size dino, including cave runs)

Argentavis (Not too hard to get with prime meat. Get an easy low level first and use it to find and pull higher level ones)

==> Later on , get any level Yutyrannus females and one male. its going to be youre egg laying dino for best kibbles.



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