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Welcome to Realms Gaming Community


We are a tight knit group of gamers that center around community, from ARK to Minecraft and beyond

 ARK Fjordur - PVE

A boosted server with QOL mods

Connection Info:

Discord: Click here to join!

Server Rates

Experience: 2.5x

Harvest Rates: 2.5x

Tame Speed: 15x

Hatch Speed:30x

Maturation: 30x

Max Dino Level: 240

In game shop: Earn points while playing!

Mod List

Awesome Teleporters

Awesome Spyglass

Death Inventory Keeper

Dino Storage V2

Structures Plus (S+)

Lethals Reusables

Kraken BD

Tc Rewards

Shiny! Dinos

Zytharian Critters

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