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Some species that have never been suggested New species!



here are all the cool species i found that have never been used before on the creature votes. i thought about using these guys but ended up settling on other animals to submit myself, but i do think someone else could probably make some really good abilities for these animals. due to maximum file size ill be commenting the others. If anyone else has some cool creatures feel free to send those and to use any of these.

Update: Due to all of the attention this is getting i have decided to keep adding more species when i find them. when i get bored i start looking through a group of animals and looking for creatures i want to submit myself and just to learn about new animals. so to be as unbiased as possible i will upload any animals i find that meet 2 criteria. 1 it has to be different from any animals we already have in the game or that have been in the top 2 pages so far,  like alcovasaurus which has way longer tail spikes than any other stegosaur. it would be futile to send 10 unkown species of big cat even though there have been plenty of big cats suggested already. and 2 there has to be something special about it otherwise i could send every extinct rodent species and that wouldnt really be interesting. like visually or behaviourally

Update 2: 3k views wow tnx everyone for your participation especially the other people submitting animals here. From now on I will send creatures that have been uploaded before but didn't get more than 10 votes and don't have any art yet. Or more votes if they haven't been used in a long time like half a year for example.





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Sinemys this is the only TRUE turtle in this post the others are sauropterygians. EDIT maybe you could strap a literal speedboat motor to its back...

Sinemys gamera: an extinct turtle from Late Jurassic China :  r/Naturewasmetal

pappochelys a possible turtle ancestor

dontmesswithdinosaurs.com » Pappochelys, the 240 million year old turtle  ancestor with cancer


File:Megapterygius wakayamaensis.png - Wikipedia


Keichousaurus hui, Sauropterygia, Late Triassic of China. Poster Print by  Nobumichi Tamura/Stocktrek Images (32 x 24) : Amazon.nl: Home & Kitchen


Glyphoderma Kel (klein) PNSO 101012 | Speelboer


Placochelys - Wikipedia


Henodus chelyops dinosaur | Prehistoric creatures, Prehistoric animals  dinosaurs, Prehistoric animals


Palatodonta bleekeri 3D Printing pack - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by  RickStikkelorum (@ricksticky) [904442f] - Sketchfab Store

Paleontologists Find Earliest Known Fossil of Placodont | Sci.News


Pachyrhachis problematicus stock image – Studio 252MYA


Armin Reindl on X: "Posting Late Cretaceous Crocs till #PrehistoricPlanet2  comes out Day 21 Adamantinasuchus Almost there, Adamantinasuchus is yet  another South American notosuchian, tho rather small and gracile compared  to many



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some extinct dog breeds. maybe a dog could possibly give pack boosts to any other creatures that normally cant have it like an arthropleura, rex etc. and possibly it could hybridize with dire wolves giving you one of 4 options small non rideable wolf with dog abilities, bigger rideable dog with wolf abilities, bigger rideable dog with the dog abilites, or a direwolf with dog abilities.

alpine mastiff

Alpine mastiff - Wikipedia

Argentine polar dog


braque dupuy


Dalbo dog


Dalbo dog - Wikipedia

Grand Fauve de Bretagne


Sakhalin husky





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today im uploading some giants. every one of these is the largest out of all its closest relatives. except the cats they are just very diverse. part 2 to this is coming later


hippopotamus gorgops the giant hippo. it also had much more raised eye sockets than modern hippos making their faces quite distinct from normal hippos


Hippopotamus gorgops – Wikipédia

Isabel 🍂🌱🌧️🍉 on X: "5. Hipopótamo corrupto https://t.co/1MSJ8MolV0" / X

Alierasaurus im pretty sure a lot of its relatives have been used in the creature votes.... but this is the biggest one

Alierasaurus - Wikipedia


Tappenosaurus you (moschops) vs the guy you shouldnt worry about

Fabio Alejandro on X: "The early Permian Eupelycosaur Tappenosaurus is one  of the many cryptic species of San Angelo formation, is known by two  specimens, a fragmentary holotype and a more complete

Plesiorycteropus a aardvark like giant tenrec. living tenrecs have spikes like hedgehogs

plesiorycteropus – Nix Illustration

perucetus a whale possibly heavier than the blue whale (possibly the biggest animal ever. although it wasnt as long as one. maybe it could work like an underwater whoolly rhino just ramming things with its incredible mass, and being the size of a mosa. maybe instead of doing a lot of damage it could stun targets with the duration scaling with the attack stat and the speed it reached while charging.

Giant Fossil Whale Perucetus Did Not Exceed Body Mass of Today's Blue  Whales: Study | Sci.News

palaeoloxodon namadicus the largest elephant ever possibly reaching up to 20 tonnes in weight. it is also likely larger than paraceratherium meaning this is likely the largest land mammal to ever exist

The Immense Size Disparity in the Genus Palaeoloxodon. Art by Liam Elward.  : r/Naturewasmetal

ArtStation - Palaeoloxodon Namadicus

epicyon the largest dog ever bigger than dire wolves

When Dogs Ate Elephants": Epicyon Haydeni, A Giant Borophagine Canid,  Attacks The Pygmy Proboscidean Gomphotherium Minor In Miocene Nevada  (Hodari Nundu- DeviantArt) : r/Naturewasmetal

pseudocyon the largest bear dog ever bigger than the famous amphicyon for better pictures just look that one up because they would look similar anyway

Extinct Animals 🦣🦤 on X: "Pseudocyon was a species of bear dog that  weighed 770kg! (Credit: Roman Uchytel) https://t.co/kWhIqQsDEu" / X

panthera tigris soloensis the giant tiger

Panthera Tigris Soloensis* ¿Largest Tiger & feline of all time? | Tiger  facts, Amur tiger, Bengal tiger

Panthera atrox the cave lion

Extinct Animals Facts on Instagram: "The American lion (Panthera atrox),  also known as the … | Animales extintos, Animales prehistóricos, Animales  de la prehistoria

panthera gombaszoegensis the giant jaguar

What is with the trend of Panthera gombaszoegensis paleoart showing the  animal with light rosettes? Rosettes are the ancestral phenotype of  Panthera and there is no reason for the Eurasian Jaguar to

simbakubwa the largest hyaenadont not to be confused with hyenas the largest hyena is dinocrocuta which ive uploaded here before. they also dont even look close to the hyaenadon in ark

Simbakubwa - Wikipedia

Simbakubwa and lion (size comparison) | Prehistoric animals, Extinct  animals, Prehistoric wildlife




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more animals that are the biggest

mongolonyx one of the largest mesonychids

Mongolonyx - Wikipedia

ankalagon another mesonychid of the same size

Ankalagon - Wikipedia

josephoartigasia the largest rodent ever

Josephoartigasia, the enormous rodent that may have weighed up to a ton,  compared to the modern capybara : r/Naturewasmetal

boipeba tayasuensis the largest known blind snake. blind snakes live underground and eat worms so maybe this could be a snake shoulder pet. it was over a meter long. or i guess it could be like a sand diplocaulus that you can hang onto


living ones for the derpy face

Fassifern Blind Snake - Land for Wildlife

Blind Snake - The Australian Museum

Stupendemys the biggest freshwater turtle ever. basically a giant pond slider

Paleontologists Find New Fossils of Gigantic Freshwater Turtle |  Paleontology | Sci-News.com

pliosaurus funkei also known as predator x one of the largest predatory marine reptiles ever only really outclassed by mosasaurus

Bestand:Pliosaurus funkei21DB.jpg - Wikipedia

Stomatosuchus a giant pelican like crocodilian without teeth. in real life pelicans can swallow a full pigeon so maybe this thing could suck up aquatic animals

Stomatosuchus - Wikipedia

Dearc the largest jurassic pterosaur.

Dearc - Wikipedia

Aust colossus This yet undescribed specimen of possibly predatory giant icthyosaur is possibly the largest thing to ever live as well

Who Would Win, An Aust Colossus Or A Megalodon? Quora, 57% OFF

euskelosaurus the biggest early sauropod

A Dinosaur A Day — Euskelosaurus browni

shantungosaurus the biggest ornithopod ever... people keep submitting species like it wanting a new one that can fight while ignoring this behemoth


pachystrutio the giant ostrich. its taller than the heaviest birds like the moa or elephant bird but lighter in build like modern ostriches


enantiornis largest of a group of extinct birds

Enantiornis - Wikipedia

pengornis the largest early cretaceous bird

Pengornis was a small bird that lived in China about 120 million years ago;  art by Tyler Young : r/Naturewasmetal

Chenonetta finschi the largest duck. some living duck species for inspiration

14 Incredible Duck Species

Tufted Duck - eBird

The 3 Types of Ducks Every Birdwatcher Should Know | HowStuffWorks

Seirocrinus the largest known sea lily. their tentacles grew 26m long and they attached to logs. since i could never find an extinct man o,war this is probably the closest thing to it appearance wise, so maybe it could act like one with venomous tentacles

Seirocrinus Crinoid by Mark P. Witton/science Photo Library

Fossil Bonanza on X: "#CrinoidWeek! Seirocrinus is one of the most famous  crinoids in the world. Huge colonies grew off of large driftwood and which  floated in the sea. Their light weight

helianthaster the giant starfish

ヘリアンサスター(Helianthaster )・川崎悟司イラスト集 | イラスト集, イラスト, 古代生物

immensmaris the giant mite. living mites

Mite - Wikipedia

pebasiconcha the biggest land snail ever

Joschua Knüppe on X: "Results from the #paleostream Titanokorys,  Pebasiconcha (the snail), Paluxysaurus and Falcatakely #paleoart #sciart  #dinosaurs #birds #radiodont #cambrian #snail #caiman #sauropod #scicomm  https://t.co/wMB98YFYjo" / X




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On 13/6/2024 at 22:38, Matteu said:

Seirocrinus il più grande giglio di mare conosciuto. i loro tentacoli crescevano fino a 26 metri di lunghezza e si attaccavano ai tronchi. dato che non sono mai riuscito a trovare un uomo estinto in guerra, questa è probabilmente la cosa più vicina al suo aspetto, quindi forse potrebbe comportarsi come uno con tentacoli velenosi

Seirocrinus Crinoide di Mark P. Witton/science Photo Library


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