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Some species that have never been suggested New species!


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here are all the cool species i found that have never been used before on the creature votes. i thought about using these guys but ended up settling on other animals to submit myself, but i do think someone else could probably make some really good abilities for these animals. due to maximum file size ill be commenting the others. If anyone else has some cool creatures feel free to send those and to use any of these.

Update: Due to all of the attention this is getting i have decided to keep adding more species when i find them. when i get bored i start looking through a group of animals and looking for creatures i want to submit myself and just to learn about new animals. so to be as unbiased as possible i will upload any animals i find that meet 2 criteria. 1 it has to be different from any animals we already have in the game or that have been in the top 2 pages so far,  like alcovasaurus which has way longer tail spikes than any other stegosaur. it would be futile to send 10 unkown species of big cat even though there have been plenty of big cats suggested already. and 2 there has to be something special about it otherwise i could send every extinct rodent species and that wouldnt really be interesting. like visually or behaviourally

Update 2: 3k views wow tnx everyone for your participation especially the other people submitting animals here. From now on I will send creatures that have been uploaded before but didn't get more than 10 votes and don't have any art yet. Or more votes if they haven't been used in a long time like half a year for example.





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