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Emarginachelys- The Giant Climbing Snapping Turtle




Emarginachelys Cretacea is one of the most devious beasts any survivor could ever lay eyes on. You would expect to see Emarginachelys dominating lakes or lying in wait within the spacious waterways of the ARKs, but you'd still be surprised. Despite its massive lumbering frame, the creature has even been spotted clinging halfway up the sides of seastacks thanks to its devastating claws!

Its abilities don't end there, since like its modern counterparts, it can sink right to the bottom of any depth of water and lie in wait for seemingly days, until just the right moment to launch out its neck and clamp down on anything it deems a worthy meal.


I've heard tales of a single warlord who's managed to tame the Emarginachelys, and the method used was nothing short of insanity. Supposedly, the way this warlord tamed what the others called "Marge the Barge," was using certain trophies the creature deems "treasure" that can be gifted until it accepts a survivor as a worthy master. One would have to seek the creature out while its appetite is sated and deliver the trophy.

Only after satisfying the creature's greed will you be able to utilize an unstoppable, all-terrain juggernaut!



-Tames by eating a carcass, then gaining a satisfied status similar to the Carcharodontosaurus. Then, must be hand-fed Alpha trophies to gain taming percentage. Can be fed twice before satisfied status wears off, then must eat another carcass.

-Might enhance loot drops from defeating Alpha creatures.

-Rocking a massive 30% damage resistance and a deep health pool, unless it is attacked while its neck is outstretched, then taking normal damage, this creature encourages timing and patience. Also ignores stuns.

-Has a powerful attack where its head can reach out over it's own body length in distance in front as well as over its body and to behind its forelegs. Does massive damage but takes up to 2 seconds to retract its head, taking normal damage until its neck is fully retreated.

-Saddle is located under the crest of Emarginachelys' shell, protecting the rider from dismounts and stuns.

-Walks/sprints at around the speed of a Trike on land and has a slow in-place turn. Can sink to the bottom of water/ocean bodies, gaining considerable walking/sprinting speed and can swim around Baryonyx speed.

-Can use a tail slap if attacking while aiming behind itself.

-Can climb much like a slower rock drake using its powerful claws, but no gliding. Climbing speed is the same as its walk/sprint.


-Thank you for checking out my creature submission, I thought having a tanky, aquatic, and tactical counterpart to the Rock Drake would be a great way to accentuate the Center's amazing use of biomes and verticality. Regardless of potential changes, I'm greatful for your consideration and wish the best of luck to all of these excellent submissions, most of them blow mine out of the water ;) Here's a slapped together concept art!



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