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Notobatrachus(Ancient toad bigger than Beelzebufo)



Notobatrachus is an extinct genus of frog from the Middle Jurassic Cañadon Asfalto Formation, Cañadón Asfalto Basin and La Matilde Formation, Deseado Massif of Patagonia, Argentina. N. degiustoi is the most completely known Jurassic frog and has been recorded in many outcrops of the La Matilde Formation of the Deseado Massif in southern Patagonia.


In the game, Beelzebufo is a larger toad that lives near water.
It is neutral and hostile to being attacked, but when in hostile state it takes the following actions.
1, bite attack
Unlike Beelzebufo, it swallows its prey whole, so it has an extremely short tongue and attacks by biting.
Its power is so strong that it causes bleeding effects.
2, jump attack
When the enemy moves away from it to a certain distance, it jumps from itself, jumps on the enemy with its own weight, restrains it so that it cannot move, and deals damage with its body weight.
3, gastric juice attack
This toad vomits gastric juices from a distance that immobilizes its enemies.
Creatures or players affected by gastric juice are given the effects of "coma value increase, movement speed decrease, stamina decrease, defense power decrease, poor visibility, destruction of buildings and armor", especially for players wearing armor Therefore, it acts as a lysate in the same way as Arthropleura.
This toad with these behaviors is extremely nasty, so if you don't tame it, be careful not to annoy it.
In addition, it may put a "poisonous mucosa" on itself to protect itself, and when the player or other creatures touch an individual with the poisonous mucosa, it will be attacked by a "hallucination effect".
In addition, the poisonous mucous membrane is only applied when it is used for water, so if you find an individual that is used for water, it is safer not to touch it.
After that, you can jump and swim like Beelzebufo.
However, unlike Beelzebufo, it cannot be tamed normally.
Taming method
The taming method is to steal the fertilized eggs.
There is a small chance of a nest surrounded by grass near water, with a fertilized egg in the center of the nest.
However, Notobatrachus is always watching the surroundings, and if it is taken, everyone will attack at once to retrieve the fertilized egg.
Naturally, even if you get close to the nest, they will become hostile, and even if you're wearing Ghillie equipment, they'll sometimes find out, so you'll need to mount a flying creature to escape.
And if you can get a fertilized egg well, you can raise it to an adult and then you will have an excessive amount of taming.
After taming
It can be ridden on a special saddle, and can jump and move, swim, vomit gastric juice that gives debuffs, jump and attack using its own weight, and perform normal bite attacks just like wild animals. .
Note that this toad itself is immune to all types of poison, so it is impossible to put it into a coma.
But I have no doubt that he will be a very good ally, at least in the future of ARK!

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